The bitter aftermath of Rivalry Week

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The rivalry game has ended, the score is tallied and a few questions, which loomed going into Saturday’s match-up, have now been answered.

1. Can the Utes win without Brian Johnson and John Madsen?


2. Just how good is Brett Ratliff? Good. Very good.

So good, in fact-no fumbles, no interceptions and no second-half meltdowns-that one wonders why he has not started all season.

3. Are BYU co-eds really as ugly as the Chronicle staff makes them out to be?

Saturday’s documented video evidence now allows us to answer with an emphatic “NO!”

4. With the number of controversial calls in the MWC this season, both local and national announcers have been led to ask, “Can MWC officiating get any worse?”

Saturday’s game showed that, although God may still wear a BYU hat, a few certain officials seem to prefer red (anyone wanting to argue with me on this point may want to strongly consider reviewing the game film before writing in and making a complete fool out of him or herself).

5. One question still remains unanswered: Will Saturday’s refs at least have the decency to claim their pre-game pay-off on this year’s taxes?

Sigh. If only I had a red challenge flag.

John Brown

Salt Lake City