With spurs that jingle-jangle: Power Lloyd’s immature vocals leave listeners wondering, ‘What if this band didn’t suck?’

Power Lloyd

World Cowboy

Dos Fabulous Records

Three out of five stars

Power Lloyd’s latest release, World Cowboy, is a sophisticated garage-band record with solid musical foundations.

Lloyd’s instrumental tendencies follow one of the most notable musical trends today, echoing The Strokes and, in some ways, Jet.

Then why does World Cowboy leave listeners put-out and irritated?

Seeing as how there are so few bands that can make a positive impact on modern music, there is nothing worse than wasted potential.

Wasted potential is almost all Power Lloyd has.

The problem lies with Power Lloyd’s front man, Dave DePippo.

A man with vocal abilities that belong in a high-school talent show, the musicality of the rest of the band is drowned in the immature lyrics and poor vocal stylings of DePippo, to the extent that any accolades are quickly diverted.

It’s a case of excess baggage: Until Power Lloyd decides to dump DePippo and save its sinking ship, there is no reason to give this band a second glance.

Dana Green