U student robbed walking home from TRAX

A gang of males attacked and robbed Philip Gundersen, sophomore communication major, as he was walking from the Delta Center TRAX station to his home in the Gateway Apartments Sunday evening, according to Salt Lake City Police.

Gundersen said that the attackers-a group of eight to nine males-took his cell phone and wallet, which contained his green card, Social Security card, credit card, driver’s license and TRAX pass.

No arrests have been made.

“Half a block from the station, I was listening to my music when they ninja-kicked me in the back of the head,” Gundersen said. “They were yelling and screaming. Once I got up after some kicks and punches, they surrounded me, and I ran out to the street.”

His laptop computer was broken during the incident.

“They were trying to grab my backpack, and that’s where I had my computer,” Gundersen said. “That’s what kept me from fighting back because I wanted to hold onto that.”

He ran into Flemings Prime Steakhouse and phoned the police. The cops stopped some suspects at the TRAX station for Gundersen to identify, but no arrests were made.

“I wasn’t sure it was them. I was so disoriented I really didn’t pay attention to the kids. I just wanted to save my backpack,” Gundersen said.

Because Gundersen is an international student from Norway, replacing his stolen items will take time.

“My credit card will take a couple of weeks because it’s from Norway,” he said.

To order a new green card and Social Security card, Gundersen must fill out paper work that he said “will take a while.”

“They didn’t really get anything of value for them, it’s just a pain in the ass for me to get it all back,” he said.

A new TRAX pass will cost him $50 to replace.

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