There’s no reason for Greek Council to talk to The Chronicle

Editor:I’m writing to explain Greek Council’s reasons for no longer communicating with The Chronicle. Greek Council was disappointed by the lack of integrity in an article by Victoria Johnson (“Neighbors voice concerns about relations with greeks, U,” Nov. 3). In addition to what we feel were numerous factual errors, we feel the article was one-sided. There was no greek perspective aside from one quote, and Johnson did not interview any greeks about the allegations being made by neighbors. I also feel Johnson misrepresented herself to me when she told me she was simply following up on a story written by reporter Rochelle McConkie.

We know The Chronicle will publish negative articles about Greek Row. However, there is a difference between an article that is “negative” and one that is not fair or accurate.

Before the article was published, I voiced concern over Johnson’s article to Chronicle Editor in Chief Danyelle White because those who were interviewed complained of loaded questions. I was left under the impression that the article would not be published. Obviously, that was not the case.

This year’s Greek Council has answered any questions Chronicle reporters had. We informed The Chronicle of events we would like covered, but not many were. Therefore, we feel The Chronicle asking us to maintain a connection so it can write “good things” about us is an empty argument. When a positive article was published about fraternity members coming to the aid of a woman being attacked, The Chronicle then published a cartoon depicting the Sig Eps as rapists themselves.

We aren’t asking for “positive” coverage. We are asking for fairness. We feel we aren’t getting it. At this point, we feel we can do nothing to protect ourselves from untrue statements and inaccurate, sensationalized articles. So we have decided to not comment. After all, if The Chronicle continues to write articles in the same vein as Victoria Johnson’s recent article, it really won’t matter whether we comment or not.

I would also like to add that Greek Council is not “muzzling” members. Any member of Greek Row is free to express himself or herself to The Chronicle–but Greek Council itself is done.

We hope relations can be repaired in the future, but for the remainder of our terms we will no longer be commenting on any articles–positive or negative–to any reporters from The Chronicle.

Nancy Nazarinia

Panhellenic President, Greek Council