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By By Rochelle McConkie

By Rochelle McConkie

Mos Def fans left the Union Free Speech Area disappointed last night after hearing that the headlining act would not perform at The Grand Kerfuffle until Thursday night.

Due to a family emergency, Mos Def missed his flight to Salt Lake City and had to fly back to New York.

All acts for The Grand Kerfuffle music festival are postponed to Thursday, April 19, at 6 p.m.

“He could have been here about 10 p.m., but unfortunately with the hard curfew at 10:30 we would have had to shut down,” said Kyle Hansen, director of the Associated Students of the University of Utah Presenter’s Office. “Most openers would have been on longer than he had.”

Hansen said Mos Def chartered a private plane to try to make it to the concert on time.

In an announcement made around 7:30 p.m., Hansen assured concertgoers the show would go on as planned on Thursday. He said everyone with tickets could get in on Thursday with an ASUU sticker on their ticket or ticket stub if it had already been torn.

Tickets will continue to be sold at the Union Front Desk during the day and throughout the show. Refunds can be obtained in the Union lobby.

ASUU President Jake Kirkham said the Presenter’s Office was notified around 6:30 p.m. that Mos Def could not make the concert. Doors had opened to the Kerfuffle at 6 p.m.

“It took us an hour to organize ourselves, make sure security was informed and close shop,” Kirkham said. “They understand it’s out of our control.”

Kirkham said he thinks the concert will work out better on Thursday because more people will be able to attend and there is a better weather forecast. Rain and snow forced venders inside throughout the day yesterday.

“I don’t know what else ASUU could have done,” said Chuck Landvatter, a senior in speech and communication. “Mos Def is a man of principle and I totally respect his decision.”

Some students were frustrated with what happened at the Kerfuffle.

“They should have told us (Mos Def) is not even in Salt Lake,” said Andrew Simeona, a freshman business major. “I’ll be back tomorrow because it’s Mos Def, but they’re not going to get as many people.”

Salt Lake City resident Jeff Patmides said ASUU should have notified the audience as soon as it knew Mos Def was not coming. Patmides is not a U student but is a self-proclaimed “full time playa, 24 credit hours.”

After Hansen made the announcement, everyone was directed to leave. The Union Free Speech area was mostly cleared within 10 minutes.

“Our biggest priority was to make sure everyone left safely; that’s why we closed everything down,” Hansen said. “Everyone left in an orderly fashion, barring a few obscenities uttered at me.”

Hansen said Mos Def will definitely perform Thursday, but there is a chance one of the opening artists, Hezekiah, will not be able to make the show due to flight conflicts. If Hezekiah cannot perform, he will be replaced by another act.

Venders will be outside the Union again today.

“Fortunately the show is not being cancelled, just rescheduled,” Hansen said. “It could have been worse.”

Christopher Peddecord

Students try to get refunds for their Grand Kerfuffle tickets in the Union last night. Mos Def could not perform, but will perform tonight instead. Doors open at 6 p.m. ASUU gave refunds for the student tickets purchased through the Presenter’s Office.

Christopher Peddecord

Local artist Casey Blandford works on a piece of art in the Union Ballroom as part of the Grand Kerfuffle.