Nick Macey is wrong about BYU


As a BYU student, I realize that life in Provo is very different from life in other places.

I usually even find it humorous when others make fun of the ridiculous parts of Happy Valley. But, in a recent letter to the editor written to The Daily Universe, Chronicle “journalist” Nick Macey didn’t make fun of Provo, but rather the LDS faith.

I don’t care who you are or where you are from-ripping apart others’ beliefs is not acceptable in our generation.

Unfortunately for The Chronicle (which is usually a very good publication), Nick Macey has generalized all U journalists as anti-Mormons who are obviously too brilliant to believe LDS teachings.

I know that the LDS Church is the most prominent religion at your university, and it makes me sad that the poorly written words of one person could mislead so many readers.

Nick Macey is not funny, and he seems to have no idea what he is talking about. It amazes me that such a person could get a job writing for a newspaper.

Seth Morgan