Letter: When thinking about sex, do your homework

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Janice Kopaunik’s Feb. 22 column “Don’t even think about having sex” was disappointing for both Janice and The Daily Utah Chronicle. Rather than doing the hard work of researching the topic, writing a measured and convincing piece and showing respect for those with whom she disagreed, Janice made her case against religious conservatives’ beliefs regarding sex the easy way: by framing others and their beliefs as ridiculous, foolish and/or na’ve.

Doing so relieved Janice of confronting problems with her own arguments, though — such as the very real problem of sex addiction, the not-infallible record of condoms to stop unwanted pregnancy or STD transmission, the fact that abstinence before marriage has worked just fine for a lot of pretty happy and healthy people and the possibility that some sex (e.g., between 12-year-olds in their friend’s basement after school, or an affair that breaks up a good family and crushes children and/or partners) actually might not be healthy or good for individuals or society.

Oddly enough, the column’s tone reminded me more than anything of a typical rant by conservative bastion Sean Hannity. Although I share some of that pundit’s conservative views, I can’t support the way he expresses them — always with a tone of superiority and condescension. After reading Kopaunik’s column, however, I felt like saying just one thing: Janice, you’re a great American.

I hope to see more measured, respectful and professional writing from Janice and The Chronicle in the future.

Mike ChidesterGraduate Student, Business Administration