Chronicle’s view: Thank you, everyone

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We at The Daily Utah Chronicle are lucky to be able to do what we do — to publish the paper as we see fit for people everywhere to read.

Not all college journalists (see the school down south) have the opportunity to be a part of an independently published paper, and for that, we have a great deal of thanks to give this year.

First, thanks to our readers. Your choice to pick up a paper every day and become informed by what’s on the pages encourages us to make this paper better for you. Continue to read, continue to be informed and continue to give feedback that shapes the direction in which the paper goes.

Second, thanks to the U administration for continuing to allow the paper to be unadulterated by keeping it independent. We learn from the experiences we have here and grow from being able to participate in a model close to that of a city newspaper.

Thank you to all students. Although a majority of our operating budget comes from our advertising revenue, we are grateful for the portion of our budget that does come from the student body and enables us to continue in our production of this paper.

Our advertisers, and there are many, we also thank you for advertising with us. It allows us to function, retain a quality staff and produce a quality paper.

Although another year of production has come to an end at The Chronicle, we have loved being able to produce these pages for you all. Look for us again this summer, and thanks for the support this year.