Police Report

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Carry yourself well

A U employee called the U Police Department on Tuesday upon seeing a student brandishing a gun in the Warnock Engineering Building.

Officers arrived without hesitation, but as it turns out, the student had a concealed firearm permit and forgot to abide by the “concealed” part, according to U Police. The officers asked the student to put the gun where it belongs. The student did.

Bad day for bicyclists

Bicyclists might have been better off leaving their ride at home Tuesday.
The U Police got a call from the Social and Behavioral Science Building that a thief had stolen a mountain bike chained to the rack outside.

In a separate incident, a bicyclist hit a vehicle. The bicyclist, traveling westbound on South Campus Drive, made an illegal left turn at 1800 East, colliding with a vehicle driving eastbound. U Police do not have any more information about the accident at this time.
Compiled by Michael McFall