U interviewing applicants to fill new sustainability position by Thanksgiving

By Michael McFall, News Editor

The sustainability fee is an inch closer to getting dragged out of purgatory.

Although the fee itself is still collecting dust, Cory Higgins, associate vice president of facilities management and an early supporter of the fee, confirmed Wednesday afternoon that he’s been in interviews this week with some of the 85 applicants for the coordinator position.

“Some people apply who have no business applying,” Higgins said. “But there are a few promising candidates.”

One lucky applicant should be picked by Thanksgiving, Higgins said.

Last spring, the student government and U Board of Trustees approved the controversial $2.50-per-semester fee to fund student-inspired sustainability initiatives at the U. They did so without a committee to gather and vet ideas or a coordinator to assist writing and proposing them.

The coordinator, who administrators project will work three-quarters full time, will not have a hand in which sustainability ideas are approved8212;that will be up to the committee.

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