Student Poetry Submission

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Student Poetry Submission

By Erin West

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Christine Kannapel: “Christine’s creative work has been previously seen in The Canticle, Rubor, Peculiar, and most recently, in Weber State’s: Metaphor. She is a senior in English and French, graduating this Spring. Not only does she love to write, but she is an aspiring yogi and travel enthusiast.”

“Camel Pose”



of the sternum


On knees

neck bent

kneeling to no one


hold the ceiling:

god fearing

a backwards fall

and blindness.


that cold vessel

does not beat aloud


is tucked

too far within

the ribcage

in the maroon dark.

Camel Pose: A pose in Bikram yoga during Vinyasa to renew your energy, to show your inner light:

“it reveals the heart, lets its beating be heard,”- the substitute yoga instructor at CorePower Yoga.