Hoodie Allen: The Hype World Tour


Steven Taylor

American rapper Hoodie Allen

By Vineeth Bajji

For those who are not familiar with hip-hop artist Steven Markowitz, he is better known by his stage name Hoodie Allen. A University of Pennsylvania graduate, he began working at Google before deciding to pursue music as a full time career. In 2012, Hoodie Allen released his EP “All American,” and later released “People Keep Talking” in 2014.

Sept. 29, 2017 marks the release of Hoodie Allen’s latest studio album, “The Hype.” A follow up to Hoodie Allen’s 2016 album “Happy Camper,” “The Hype” delivers an amazing collection of 12 songs that exemplify Hoodie Allen’s growth as an artist. While this latest album does not traverse any new realms in hip-hop, Hoodie Allen still incorporates unique elements into each of the songs. Let’s take a look at a few songs that demonstrate the distinctive sound of Hoodie’s latest album.

Take for example, “Know it All,” a pre-released track from “The Hype.” Here, Hoodie Allen provides a slower paced song with a fabulous combination of soul and jazz instrumentals. Another track that stands out is “All for Me” (a personal favorite of mine). The reason this track stood out to me was the combination of old school pop-rap vibes and tropical instrumentals in the background. These elements, as well as the brass instruments make this track extremely groovy, much like the rest of the album. In the album there are also tracks like “Fakin’” that traverse the traditional rap genre and feature prominent artists, such as Wale.

Hoodie’s guest collaborations on the album — in addition to the production work by various producers like Andrew Goldstein and Louis Futon — add a lot of flavor and really round out “The Hype.” Each song on “The Hype” truly exemplifies Hoodie’s dedication to music and his progress as an artist. Hats off to him for this exceptional album and be sure to download or stream it on Spotify and iTunes.

As it happens, Hoodie Allen will be stopping in Salt Lake City on Oct. 22 to perform at the Complex for his “The Hype” World Tour. Tickets are $25, and doors open at 7 pm. All ages are welcome. If you like the album or need something fun to do, get tickets online at http://www.thecomplexslc.com/event-1433.htm before they sell out.

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