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Ashlyn Cary

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By Weston Wood, Arts Writer

Are you the kind of person that always puts on music while you’re doing something? I definitely am. Whether you’re driving or doing homework, most people prefer to have some sort noise in the background. Although I love music, lately I’ve ventured into podcasts — more specifically, the hilarious Shorty Award-winning “The Tiny Meat Gang Podcast” made by Cody Ko and Noel Miller. 

It’s run by some of the most famous Vine-to-YouTube content creators. Ko and Miller have gone viral multiple times with their web-series “That’s Cringe” or in some of their classic vines. Their already-established entertainment skills add elements I didn’t realize I needed in a podcast. This podcast is not only hilarious, but engaging because of the time and energy Cody and Noel give to it. Since they are natural-born entertainers, the entire podcast feels like a conversation that you’re a part of.


To Binge or Not To Binge?

There’s a certain dullness that comes with our daily commutes, and this podcast could make your trek to campus or work much more entertaining. When people usually think of podcasts, they think of boring, informative segments. In reality, there’s a huge, untapped genre of entertainment podcasts that are completely redefining the term “podcast.” Ko and Miller essentially run a one-hour comedy special. I never expected to actually laugh at a podcast, but this will have you rolling. The exuberance and snark of these two content creators are unmatched by any other podcast. 

The chemistry that these two best friends is what carries this podcast. After working for years in the industry together, they bounce off each other with ease. They have so much to say about anything that is pushed their way, morphing any topic into an enthralling listen. There’s also the occasional guest, like Post Malone or Logic, who also happen to be their friends. Regardless of who is on the podcast, there’s always quality content to be found. Despite the fame, Ko and Miller still remain normal and the consistency in their podcast hasn’t wavered. It’s a fresh way to showcase media content that actually humanizes celebrities. Hearing Post Malone talk for two hours made me realize that we have a lot in common, except for the fact that he has millions of dollars. 

Within each episode they have many segments where they talk about their careers, their pasts and what it’s like to be so enveloped in the chaos of Internet culture. Their insight stretches beyond just the Internet, however. Their opinions on any topic are not only humorous, but also thought-provoking. The way they view the world with a comedic sense makes for some quality podcasting.

Some content is more emotionally revealing than funny. The honesty between them as they discuss mental health and the anxiety of being famous is really enlightening. The way a conversation can really go anywhere with friends is how each episode goes and it’s refreshing to have such genuine reactions on the show. Many stories and catchphrases that are considered viral come from the podcast itself, showing how large their audience has become. Not many podcasts reach so many people, especially when they’re just talking about pretty normal things. Whether it’s horrible reality TV Show reviews, drunk waitresses, Los Angeles traffic, dating robots or even more serious topics like mental health, this podcast never fails to keep you captivated. 


Best Episode

Episode 79 : “Why Did Justin Bieber Block Me?”

This episode discusses why Ko was blocked on Instagram by Justin Bieber, 2012 MagCon, Professional Poker Tournaments, gambling away all your money and how Ko got hustled by a man at a casino. It really shows the variety of what they discuss, and is by far the funniest episode. 


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Trigger Warnings

The episodes of this podcast contain both explicit content and language.


“Tiny Meat Gang Podcast”

4.5/5 Stars

Available on Patreon, Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Approximately a hundred episodes, each an hour long.


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