Binge Bytes: ‘Films to Be Buried With’


By Luke Jackson


Brett Goldstein sits across from you. “Good lord he is handsome,” you think to yourself. You’ve seen him as the ever-lovable, constantly cursing Roy Kent on Ted Lasso, but now it’s time to see him in a whole new capacity. He warms you up with a couple jokes and you’re feeling pretty comfortable. Suddenly his face turns as white as a sheet. Brett is so embarrassed, he forgot to mention something of the utmost importance. You’re dead. Yikes. There is some good news however: you made it to the afterlife! Better still, everyone there loves cinema, and they all want to know about your life through the lens of film.

Unfortunately, the above is merely a fantasy. For me, it’s a fantasy which recurs every time I listen to “Films to Be Buried With.” For Brett Goldstein’s incredibly lucky guests however it becomes a reality for about an hour. With simple yet probing questions such as “What film is terrible, but you love it anyways?” and “What is the film that means the most to you?” Brett Goldstein explores the lives of his guests through their love of cinema.

To Binge or Not to Binge?

The product is an extremely bingeable podcast which not only entertains but causes reflection. Every episode somehow unlocks beautiful cinematic memories that I have long forgotten: Crying in the theatre as Lighting McQueen forfeits the Piston Cup and pushes The King over the line, or holding hands for the first time as Jean Valjean tears his papers and throws them to the sky. You can absolutely catch me crying in my car as “Films to Be Buried With” evokes long slumbered emotions.

While I adore this podcast, there are two unfortunate hang-ups which could potentially get in your way. The first being your personal love of cinema. If you’re a mere casual who checks out the latest blockbuster every once and a while, this show may not be your cup of tea. However, are you a casual who is wanting to dip their toes into cinema but don’t quite know where to start? Boy-o, this is the show for you. Each episode will provide you with at least ten wonderful films to get you started on your journey.

The second unfortunate hang-up is that “Films to Be Buried With” is sometimes only as good as its guest. Brett Goldstein does an impeccable job at hosting, but the show is very guest driven. If you’ve never heard of the guest, or don’t like them, odds are the episode won’t do much for you. The majority of my personal experience with “Films to Be Buried With” however has been overwhelmingly positive.

Best Episode?

My favorite episode thus far has been “78” with Emerald Fennell. Goldstein and Fennell have been long time friends and their chemistry is electric. Genuinely hilarious and wholesome, this episode made me even more fond of the “Promising Young Women” writer-director.

This episode is brilliant, and I can’t recommend it enough. However, I would suggest new listeners start with a guest they are familiar with. There are some fantastic options to choose from: James Acaster, Kevin Smith, Gillian Jacobs, Edgar Wright and many more.

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Trigger Warnings



I give “Films To be Buried With” 4.5/5 Stars.

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