Binge Bytes: ‘The A24 Podcast’


Ashlyn Cary

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By Oakley Burt, Arts Editor


Even if you haven’t heard of A24, chances are you’ve seen at least one of their films or television shows. In just a few years, this indie production and distribution company has made major waves in Hollywood. A24 is the company behind Academy Award-winning “Moonlight,” as well as “Midsommar,” “Uncut Gems,” “Euphoria” and more. In 2018 — in an unusual move by Hollywood standards — the company branched into a different market, launching “The A24 Podcast.” Branding it as, “A24 in your eardrums. No hosts, no ads, no rules.”

I stumbled upon this podcast after finding myself bored of listening to the same old podcasts — comedy, crime and news. I was looking for a fresh, fun, new podcast when I discovered it. “The A24 Podcast” is insightful and entertaining to listen to, which makes for worthwhile listening. I love the film industry and listening to others talk about their passions, so this podcast is the perfect blend of both. 


To Binge or Not to Binge?

I would highly recommend “The A24 Podcast” to anyone — not just film lovers. Each episode features two guests — actors and directors — from within the A24 family. There is no format or structure to the show, just two artists sitting down to talk about whatever interests them. More often than not, the guests do end up discussing their start in Hollywood, artistic influences, experiences, projects and involvement with A24. But the conversations are lighthearted, relaxed and the guests are charismatic — the show easily draws you in and holds your attention. I often feel like a fly on the wall listening to these intimate conversations.

I was also drawn to the podcast because of the content changes — it feels like an entirely new podcast with each listen. I tend to gravitate towards podcasts that create their own path, instead of making sure talking points are covered. Part of what makes “The A24 Podcast” great is not all of the guests have met or worked with each other before, yet their chemistry is completely organic. Many of Hollywood’s elite have been featured on the show — Martin Scorsese, Paul Thomas Anderson, Jonah Hill, the Safdie brothers and Awkwafina, among others.


Best Episode

It’s difficult to say which episode is the best — as no two episodes are the same. Personally, my favorite episode of the podcast is “Don’t Be A Stranger with Jonah Hill & Michael Cera.” Hill and Cera have been friends for over 13 years, and their stories of becoming friends while filming “Superbad” and navigating the entertainment industry at a young age are extremely funny. Since starring in “Superbad,” Hill and Cera have taken different paths — Hill recently wrote and directed “Mid 90s,” while Cera is focusing on his flourishing Broadway career. Despite this divergence, they still find ways to support each other, keep their friendship alive and reminisce on the good times. 


Similar Shows

“Filmspotting,” “I Was There Too,” “Skillset” and “The Honeyboy Podcast.” 


Trigger Warning

The show contains adult language and some sexual references. 


“The A24 Podcast”

4 out of 5 stars. 

Available on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Anchor and other streaming platforms. 

There are 16 episodes available ranging from 40-60 minutes long. More episodes will be released later this year. 


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