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Condom column inappropriate

December 7, 2009

Editor:I enjoyed your special issue about the classic competition between Utah and BYU football. We strongly compete, but when either football team plays with another team, we cheer for the other (at least I do). This is just a reader's vote regarding Craig Blake's column in the issue, ("Sexual healt...

New system in library makes research harder

November 23, 2009

Editor:As a Marriott Library patron, I'm writing to second retired librarian Raymond Daoust's frustration with the library's Automated Retrieval Center ("Innovation replaces service," Nov. 19).Last week, my research took me to a journal article available online, which cited another article relevant to...

Research labs create a moral dilemma

November 19, 2009

Editor:I happened to be a bystander during PETA's protest rally at the U and had the chance to speak with one of the protesters. She handed me a flier with a picture of a cat and some sort of device implanted into its skull. She informed me that animals at the U were being tortured. The protester the...

Judge should have allowed DeChristopher?s defense

November 18, 2009

Editor:Judge Benson's ruling came down against Tim DeChristopher's ability to defend himself in a court of law. As citizens of a democratic nation, we have an obligation to stand against this breach of our legal system. DeChristopher's action to prevent the sale of oil and gas parcels was a direct atte...

?Mentor? program raises questions

November 18, 2009

Last spring, Tayler Clough, president of the Associated Students of the University of Utah, campaigned with a promise to install a U-sponsored student mentoring program for Utah high schools. But as ASUU approaches a vote on the program, we wonder if "mentoring" is the right word.The proposed program w...

TCU photo distasteful

November 17, 2009

Editor:The picture that graced the front page of Monday's edition was so in-your-face queer that it offended me. I think our team played a well-fought game against one of the fastest offensive teams in the country, and to humiliate our team, which I still consider one of the best teams in America, and th...

Chronicle should help writers build skills

November 12, 2009

Editor:I used to work at The Chronicle many, many years ago, and in fact my time there had more impact on my career path and the joys of my later life than any other single event or decision. I rarely see The Chronicle, but today I picked up a copy while having lunch downtown. I was struck by the fa...

Funding still steady for Huntsman Cancer Institute

November 5, 2009

Editor:After reading the articles featured in your Nov. 3 issue that focused on the problem and hope of cancer research, we want to commend you for examining some of the issues surrounding this devastating disease. Despite advances in research and treatment, 1 in every 3 Americans faces a cancer dia...

DeChristopher will be proven innocent by peers

November 4, 2009

Editor:I appreciated both Matt Plummer's recent column ("DeChristopher's "necessary evil' still a crime," Nov. 2) and attached editorial cartoon by Willus Branham. I hope they caught your readership's attention. But, as with most things, "the devil is in the details."The headline, which I appreciate was ...

Oaks didn?t misuse First Amendment

October 27, 2009

Editor:In his column ("Church, politics don't mix" Oct. 19), Zack Oakey responds to Dallin Oaks' assertion that the religiously organized have rights that non-religious people don't have by quipping "would any Mormon agree to this in isolation, without (Oaks telling them to)?" Would any First Amendment pro...

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