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Competition improves med school

April 22, 2009

Editor:The best part of Drew Thompson's story ("Med school looks to offset cuts," April 22), was not in the description of our medical school's budget cuts and not in the details of possible governmental or administrative "solutions." It was in the last paragraph where Thompson describes the reaction of...

Personal finance courses will be useful later in life

April 19, 2009

Editor:I completely agree with Jeffrey Jenkins' column ("Financial class should be required," April 15). As an undergrad I took FCS 3450: Family Economic Issues to fulfill one of my QI requirements. And I took FINAN 1200: Personal Finance as an allied course for my major. I consider these to be the most ...

Why is Matheson backing bad law?

April 19, 2009

Editor:If Jim Matheson wants to keep kids off of ATVs he better come up with better reasons. Not, for example, banning the sale of youth ATVs because they contain lead, as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act does.We all want to keep kids safe, but according to this logic we should ban kids f...

Safe Zones limit free speech

April 19, 2009

Editor:Sherry Li's response ("Williams' privilege blinds her," April 16), to Alicia Williams' column (""Safe zones' would create false danger perceptions," April 14), demonstrates the problem of discourse in the area of homosexual rights, privileges and respect. As someone who would have voted again...

Jim Matheson simply wants to look good

April 19, 2009

Editor:The Child Protection Safety Improvement Act declares that youth ATVs are illegal to sell, not because they pose a risk of collision or impact or anything of the sort. They're banned because they have lead in their engines, costing the industry over a billion dollars since February.Debbie Staben...

Making businesses test children?s clothing for lead is ridiculous

April 19, 2009

Editor:Recent legislation from Congress has mandated billions of dollars in excess costs for businesses to test clothing to ensure that it doesn't contain lead8212;in spite of zero evidence of a child having ever been poisoned by his clothes. The only exceptions to the regulation are clothes free from closur...

Pledge of Allegiance not needed on campus

September 2, 2008

Editor:In response to Liz Carlston's column, "Pledge deserves respect from U" (Aug. 27): The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 by the Christian socialist Francis Bellamy as a way to sell flags to schoolhouses. The original pledge did not contain the words "under God". The terms "equality" and "...

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