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Letter to the Editor

October 9, 2013

Editor: Under the title of this year’s Pride Week, “Pride Has Many Voices,” it is troubling that the week’s keynote address showcases one of the most privileged voices. Dan Savage’s name is not new to controversy, especially within LGBT communities. Most who know his name, including Savage...

Letter to the Editor: AP credits benefit students

September 17, 2013

Editor: I am writing in response to Patrick Bergin’s article “U Should no longer accept AP credit” published on Sept. 15, because it contains inaccuracies throughout. Bergin appears unaware of the deep and continued involvement of University of Utah faculty in the AP Program — involvement designed...

Letter to the Editor: U.S. did not supply chemical weapons

September 9, 2013

Editor: This letter responds to the article printed in this publication on Friday, Sept. 6 titled “Syria & Sarin” (posted online as “U.S. debate of Syria attack hypocritical”, on Sept. 5) by Rose Jones. Specifically, this letter addresses the false accusations on which Jones based her art...

Letter to the Editor: U.S. should be held accountable

July 1, 2013

Editor: By Jake Rush’s definition (“Snowden’s actions show disloyalty to government” published June 17, 2013), the very existence of the United States of America is bad because men and women of the late 1700s were disloyal to their legitimate British government. Indeed, Mr. Rush’s entire article p...

Letter to the Editor: Comments on unfinished Marathon ‘insensitive’

April 19, 2013

Editor: I read with dissatisfaction the article “Marathon tragedy hits home” in The Chronicle, which reported on U students’ experiences with the Boston bombings. In particular, a student’s quote caught my attention, “You feel bad for the 4,000 people that didn’t get to finish because they clo...

Letter to the Editor: Smog problem needs engaged advocates

April 19, 2013

Editor: In a local coffee shop, I picked up The Daily Chronicle to read over my latte and found Ms. Tanner’s opinion piece, “Smog shouldn’t be a taboo topic,” true to point and delightful to read. The university community has begun to mobilize around our smog problem. Recently, student Carl Ing...

Letter to the Editor:

April 14, 2013

Editor: Thank you, Rose, for this article! I was wondering when someone was going to finally write about this website. When I first visited I was hopeful, thinking the church was finally making progress. But I was naive and shouldn’t have been surprised when I saw the message they...

Letter to the Editor: Columnist’s stance on LDS website prejudiced

April 14, 2013

Editor: I found Rose Jones’ comments regarding the LDS stance on LGBT matters more biased, bigoted and ignorant than anything the LDS church has ever said. The LDS church does not discriminate against gays any more than the university discriminates against Harley riders. The church continues to pro...

Letters to the Editor: Anti-abortion doesn’t mean anti-LGBT

April 11, 2013

Editor: In Rose Jones’ column, “Eugenics and anti-abortion both white-male sentiments” (Opinion, April 2), she draws an exaggerated connection between sterilization and opposing abortion rights and even engages in some of the stereotyping that she rails against. Obviously sterilization is repugnant and...

Letters to the Editor: Columnists: tackle issues, do not accuse

April 11, 2013

Editor: A recent issue of The Daily Utah Chronicle carried an opinion piece and a cartoon attacking the motives and the activities of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC — “United States should disfavor the AIPAC” by Rose Jones (Opinion, March 21). The cartoon suggests that AI...

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