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Zheng Zheng, associate professor of physics and astronomy, covers key concepts for his universe class | Chronicle archives.

Letter to the Editor: How Utah Bungled Reopening Its Schools

  The state of Utah needed to be more unified in its approach to reopening public schools. The only way to provide for social distancing, the proven method for keeping COVID-19 prevalence to a...

People cast their votes during the Midterm Elections 2018 at the Salt Lake County Building in Salt Lake City, UT on Tuesday Oct. 23, 2018.
(Photo by Curtis Lin | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Letter to the Editor: Why You Should Vote

By Riel Desaulniers October 2, 2020

  Why is voting so important in America? There is a lot of history about voting in the U.S. and in many ways, it starts at our country’s origin. One of the biggest grievances that our founding...

Members of Utah Law Enforcement look out over protesters gathered in front of the Utah State Capitol Building on June 5, 2020. (Photo by Mark Draper | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Letter to the Editor: No Knock Warrants Risk Community Safety

By Mckayli Abbe September 29, 2020

  Section 210 of Utah’s Code of Criminal Procedure details measures for forcible entry in executing a search warrant. This procedure is more commonly referred to as a no-knock warrant and has...

(Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Letter to the Editor: How Utahns Can Vote During a Pandemic

By Lauren Harvey August 30, 2020

  With the 2020 Election rapidly approaching and increasing doubts that are circulating about the efficacy and security of voting by mail, knowing the voting laws of one’s state is as important...

The welcome wall on Presidents Circle at the University of Utah. Chronicle archives.

Letter to the Editor: The U Needs to Reduce Tuition

By Eden Merkley August 27, 2020

  We are collectively in the grips of a global health and economic crisis. The University of Utah, in fulfillment of its stated commitment to its students, is honor-bound to provide relief for...

(Banner welcoming students living on campus to the University of Utah in Aug. 2014 | Chronicle archives)

Letter to the Editor: Is It Truly Safe To Reopen In-Person Classes This Fall?

By Aarushi Rohaj July 20, 2020

  On March 11, 2020, the University of Utah announced its closure for the rest of the semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chaos and questions erupted within every students’ mind. Will classes...

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Letter to the Editor: The AP Stylebook is Purposefully and Rightfully Prescriptivist

By Samuel Judd July 18, 2020

  On June 27, the Daily Utah Chronicle published an op-ed by the Chronicle’s copy desk on how AP Style disadvantages Black language. While this issue is certainly worthy of discussion, the AP...

Police in riot gear surround and block in protesters in the streets of Salt Lake City on July 9, 2020. (Photo by Ivana Martinez | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Letter to the Editor: America: The Great Radicalizer

By Damon Ngô July 16, 2020

  Over 130,000 Americans are dead because of COVID-19. Over 40,000,000 Americans are out of work. In 2019, 999 Americans were killed by police. As protests occur all across the country, in all...

VP of Student Relations Gabe Martinez, President AnnaMarie Barnes, and VP of University Relations Latifa Yaqoobi 
(Courtesy of Barnes Ticket)

Letter to the Editor: A farewell from the 2019-2020 student body presidency

May 1, 2020

  Dear University of Utah Community, Since our administration took office last April, we have worked diligently to ensure that the Associated Students of the University of Utah is the champion...

Solar panels above the Marriott Library. | Chronicle archives

Letter to the Editor: So-called “Fiscal Party” won’t support green economy

By Letter to the Editor April 22, 2020

  The views expressed in this letter are not from a writer at the Daily Utah Chronicle and do not express the views of the opinion desk or the Chronicle as a whole.   As I turn on the...