Friday night laughs

By By Parker Williams and By Parker Williams

By Parker Williams

The Union echoed with laughter Friday night as the student-produced Friday Night Live hosted its annual show.

Like NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” Friday Night Live is a sketch-based comedy show. Students write, direct and star in all of the sketches.

“I think this is the best Friday Night Live that we’ve had,” said event planner Luiza Franca, associate director of the Union Programming Council Arts and Special Events Board.

In addition to the comedy sketches, a live band entertained students throughout the evening.

Advertisements for pretend products were also part of the production.

“Do you girls feel ugly? Do you want to be the prettiest girl at the party?” one advertisement asked. “Then you need the armpit hair fun styler.”

A Planned Parenthood MasterCard and a diet program that consisted of a butcher knife to literally cut the fat were also advertised.

Some of the loudest laughter was generated from a flavored tampon advertisement with a style similar to the advertisement for the soft drink Fanta.

An array of characters was acted out in various sketches, including Paris Hilton and Tom, the creator of MySpace.

As all the cast members took the stage to take their final bows, flavored tampons were thrown to audience members.

Lennie Mahler