Synergey comes apart, endorses former rivals

By Jeremy Thompson, Staff Writer

The Synergy Party has dissolved after losing the primary elections and its candidates have split to support the two remaining parties.

Clint Hugie, the former presidential candidate for the Synergy Party, has joined the Revolution Party as a co-campaign manager.

“I just felt a deep obligation to my fellow candidates from the Synergy Party,” Hugie said. “The Synergy Party has fallen apart. It is like a dead lamb being ripped apart by wolves. I believe strongly in the integrity of the Revolution Party candidates. I just feel that the Revolution Party has the strongest platform, and that is why I joined them.”

Katie Kormanik, the former vice presidential candidate for Synergy, has joined the GO party as a table manager. She is featured in a new video on the party’s Facebook page.

“I am supporting the GO Party because I feel that they have the best platform,” Kormanik said. “Many of the ideas on their platform are very similar to what we wanted to do with Synergy.”

Kormanik said she wanted to state that she did not give in to peer pressure and that she was not pressured into joining the GO party.

“The only time I do give in to peer pressure is like when I am at a restaurant with my friends and they order a fish taco, and I don’t know what to get,” Kormanik said. “Then I guess I will give in. Otherwise, I stay true to myself. I do think that GO is the better party, based on their platform.”

Liz Oldroyd, who ran for senior class president with Synergy, has not endorsed either party.

General elections continue today from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Results will be announced at 10 a.m. on Thursday on the Union Patio.

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Erik Daenitz

Mitch Christensen talks with Clint Hugie after it was announced that the Synergy Party lost the primary election. Hugie has now joined the Revolution party and will become the co-campaign manager along with Christensen.