Black History Month Overshadowed by Valentine’s Day

By Julianne Skrivan

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Heart-shaped candies, teddy bears and cards gushing with love poems overwhelm everyone this time of year, but none of it is dedicated to Black History Month.


Sharing a month with the notorious Valentine’s Day, some students at the U said they feel there is an imbalance between the two.

Cady Mechen, a junior in communications, said, “Valentine’s Day seems to take the entire month for a day. Black History Month should be celebrated just as much.”

The U will be initiating its own celebration of the month by holding a variety of events. There will be a collection of guest speakers, film screenings, panels and discussions all concerning the topic of diversity of African-American history and community. Specific times and locations can be found on the Office of Equity and Diversity website.

Krizia Rubio, a senior in communications and a California native, notices a difference in the way Black History Month is celebrated at the U compared to other parts of the country.

“It was super prevalent [in California],” Rubio said. “Every day seemed to hold something new.”

Black History Month has been the subject of some controversy, but Mechen said the topic isn’t about celebrating everyone, but to recognize the underrepresented.

“People wonder where their cultural month is, but this is their month. It’s important to have […] because they are a part of our country’s history and we should show that,” Mechen said.

Rubio said all students should make an effort to attend the events.

“They should take time out of their schedules to check out the events and see why Black History Month even exists and is important,” Rubio said. “[Being] willing to learn different ideas and topics is the only way that the month can be impactful on individuals.”

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