Parkin: Downsides to Time Off

By Natalie Parkin

Spring break is one of the many highlights of college. Students get a break from classes for a full week to do whatever they want. As amazing as spring break is, there are some downers that come with it.

Money Flying Out the Door

Whether you decide to make big travel plans or do activities at home with friends and family, you better believe it is going to cost you. Gas, food, events and hotel rooms cost big time once you add up the expenses. Those expenses may be worth the memories, but as college students, that money is precious for books, tuition and food.

Stuck At Home

If you’re a homebody and not incredibly social, this doesn’t apply to you. For people who like going out and having something to do, this can be difficult. Sometimes, money is scarce and your friends are out of town. This leaves some people alone over the break to sleep, watch movies, catch up on chores and sleep some more. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but spring break is a time to have fun and get away from your everyday environment.

Homework Pileup

Don’t you love professors who schedule exams or due dates right after spring break? Yeah, me too. Spring break is just that — a break. At least it should be. It’s a time to have a break from classes and give your brain a chance to breathe. Most students allow their brain to do that for a few days. Then, suddenly, they remember their exam on the first Monday back. Stress immediately kicks back when stress shouldn’t be an issue.

Friends Who Bail

We all have a friend who makes plans to do something amazing with you over the break and then cancels at the last minute. All the plans you made, all the hopes and excitement of going on that planned adventure are suddenly dashed by your friend’s simple text that reads, “Have to cancel. Sorry. Rain check?” This tends to bring us back to number two: being by yourself over the break. Having a friend cancel plans has happened to all of us at least once and, frankly, it’s awful.

Break Hangover

The Monday back is absolutely brutal after a long break away from school and responsibilities. That Monday hits everyone in the face with the vicious slap of reality. We normally start having withdrawals Sunday afternoon and evening as we realize that in just a few hours, we will be back to reality, having to set our alarms again. Never fear students, the end of the semester is only about five weeks away. It’s all a mad dash to the finish line from here on out.

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