Parkin: Explore Utah’s Dog-Friendly Hikes


By Natalie Parkin

If you’re anything like me, the outdoors is a place of bliss, especially with an energetic dog by your side. When it comes to going outside with dogs, it can be tricky to find locations where they’re are allowed. We love our dogs and it breaks our hearts to leave them behind. Luckily, Utah has a lot of great outdoor locations where pups are more than welcome.

Millcreek Canyon

Millcreek Canyon allows owners to bring their dogs off leash on odd days. The canyon is not terribly far from the University of Utah’s campus and provides many great cardio hikes for visitors to choose from. Located off of Wasatch Boulevard and 3800 South, the canyon provides some of the best adventures for owners and their pups.

City Creek Canyon

For those of you who live on campus, this is the trail for you. This dog-friendly adventure is located right off State Street and 2nd Avenue. The trail runs alongside a beautiful stream for about three miles on a paved road, then extends for another two miles toward Rotary Park on rockier terrain.

Tanner Park

Not only is this a great place for your dog to meet other dogs, but this trail also leads to a fun splash park for your pup. Located on 2760 South and 2700 East, this paved walkway goes eastbound along I-80 before dropping down into a fun water spot. This trail also leads you to the Utah landmark Suicide Rock so, it is fun for both dogs and owners alike.

Neff’s Canyon

Located in Olympus Cove, this spot takes you clear up to the edge of the Wasatch Mountains. You and your dog are allowed to go up as far as you wish, and no leashes are required.

Mount Olympus Trail

This is a more strenuous trail for owners and their dogs due to the steepness of the hike. Located just off of Wasatch Boulevard near Tolcate Hills Road in Salt Lake City, this trial offers huge rewards, including a view at the summit of the entire Utah Valley. The trail is about seven miles long and requires approximately seven hours to hike up and back. This trail does require your dog to be on a leash.

Silver Glance Lake

This trail is not for the faint or delicate of paw. Beginning at Silver Lake Flat Reservoir in American Fork Canyon, this adventure crosses over two streams and leads to a high alpine lake. It’s about 5.6 miles round trip, and leashes are required. It also features stunning views of Mt. Timpanogos.

Dimple Dell Nature Park

For those people who live closer to the point of the mountain, this is the park for you. Located 10600 South and 1300 East in Sandy, this park offers a shady, natural ravine with several trails throughout. The difficulty rests on the easy side, and a leash is required for your furry friend, but I’d say this is the perfect park to visit during spring and early summer.


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