Passing the Time: What to Watch on ESPN Right Now


Image via Wikimedia Commons

By Carlos Padilla


With no baseball to speak of and the sports world awaiting the conclusion of the NBA season, ESPN and other sports providers have been scrambling for content. The prolonged absence of sports has caused sports channels to become very creative in their broadcasting. As the dog days of summer continue, your ESPN lineup is a bit different than usual. Here are the top five things to watch on ESPN during the COVID-19 era. 

1. The Last Dance

Unless you’ve been out of the pop culture discussion the past few months, you’ve probably heard of The Last Dance. The 10 part documentary series follows Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in their historic 1997-98 season. Capping off the team’s second three-peat in 8 years, the perspective of Jordan and his teammates is genuinely insightful. This documentary truly is engrossing and binge-worthy. Every episode crafts a great story and gives a deeper insight into the true story of the Bulls players going against controversial General Manager Jerry Krause. For those of you who already used your ESPN+ free trial, do not fear. The documentary has hit the Netflix library and is available for your viewing pleasure. 

2. American Cornhole League

Who knew the tailgate and lawn game classic would become headline entertainment? The American Cornhole League, while on ESPN in the past, is now the main attraction. While there may not be any spectacular dunks or heart-pounding last-minute drives, there is something to be said about the precision and passion of the cornhole athletes as they sink shot after shot. Watching a round of these professional tailgaters will have you wanting to go outside and test your bag tossing abilities. 

3. Classic sports movies

Who doesn’t love an underdog tale? ESPN has been broadcasting classic sports films such as Miracle and Cool Runnings in their open time slots. While such movies are usually saved for a feel-good family night, the magic does not disappear on cable television. Watching the team without a shot in the world beat the odds and lift their trophy in the air always inspires a sense of determination and hopefulness. So when you’re feeling the no-sports slump, tune into a feature-length movie and let your inner 12-year-old cheer for the underdogs. 

4. 30 for 30

The classic ESPN documentary series is back with new stories, while replaying its classic titles. With new episodes centering around Bruce Lee and Lance Armstrong, the series appears to be as fresh and entertaining as ever. Are you already caught up? Access the 30 for 30 library and rewatch the best athlete, franchise and team stories that ESPN offers. From the Lakers/Celtics rivalry to the classic “Catholics vs. Convicts” football game, there’s a 30 for 30 for fans of all sports. 

5. Reruns

When you don’t have live sports and need to see some action, watch some classic footage. From gridiron classics to hardwood classics, rewatching some of the best sports moments never fails to entertain. A trip down memory lane also serves as a fun time to see where the stars of today got their start.  

While the pandemic has put sports on hold, that doesn’t mean the avid sports fan can’t get their fix. Explore what ESPN and other sports carriers have to offer. It’ll make the return of live sports that much more special. 


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