Flashback at the U: Now and Then Photos

Flashback at the U: Now and Then Photos

Established in 1850, the U has seen changes to many customs throughout the years. Many of these customs, however, have more or less stayed the same.
The Marriott Library Gained Innovations:

(Photo from 1992)
(THEN: Archive Photo from 1992)

Students have been hitting the books at the Marriott Library since its inception in 1968. Nowadays, many students bring their laptops and tablets to the library to use as study tools, but before this technology was available, students could only use books and paper. Before the Marriott Library existed, students used a reading room which seated 100 students and contained a grand total of 12,950 volumes of text.
(Photo by Calvin Chhour)
(NOW: Photo by Calvin Chhour)

ASUU Structure Unchanged:
(THEN: Archive Photo from 1945)

The Associated Students of the University of Utah, or ASUU, has been the U’s student government for many years. Student government has more or less stayed the same over the years, in terms of structure. Every annual term brings new members to each division.
(Photo by Brent Uberty)
(NOW: Photo by Brent Uberty)

Parking Still A Problem:
(THEN: Archive Photo from 1962)

Due to complaints, new parking projects are currently in progress, including the Business Loop Parking Terrace and the Northwest Parking Garage. Parking, however, has always been a problem. Even in 1962, the Daily Utah Chronicle published stories about limited parking spaces available to students.
(NOW: Photo by Brent Uberty)
(NOW: Photo by Brent Uberty)

Graduation Went Technological:
(THEN: Archive Photo from 1971)

In 1971, students could see if they had made the cut for graduation by looking at a board of names, organized by college, posted in the university bookstore. Nowadays, students check their CIS page and receive an email notifying them if they have met graduation requirements.
(NOW: Photo by Kimberly Roach)
(NOW: Photo by Kimberly Roach)

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