“Film School Shorts” Premieres in Salt Lake City This Fall

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“Film School Shorts” Premieres in Salt Lake City This Fall

By Alexis Cortez

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If you’re a fan of independent films, a great opportunity to see some of the best is coming to Salt Lake City and you can see it for free.

Film School Shorts is a public television show that airs across the country. Featuring 10, 30-minute episodes, Film School Shorts reaches across variations of genre including drama, animation, comedy and much more to spotlight up and coming filmmakers.

Directors such as Pippa Bianco, Shane Atkinson and Andrew Ellmaker have contributed their work after having studied at Yale, Columbia and the School of of Museum of Fine Art, and their work only continues to inspire others. The films themselves have been produced at various schools, including New York University and Columbia, and screened at a few different major film festivals winning awards all along the way. Susan Cohen of KQED Presents, which is the producer of Film School Shorts said, “Our past filmmakers include Destin Daniel Cretton (“Short Term 12”), Ana Lily Amirpour (“A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night”) and Sarah-Violet Bliss (TBS’ upcoming “Search Party”).”

hypebeasts_stillNow, after having run for three years, Film School Shorts continues to showcase KQED’s dedication to bringing the talents of both local and independent filmmakers to general audiences. The films are broken up into seasons, all of which follow a theme, such as “Behind Closed Doors” and “In America.” While many films can be currently previewed on KQED’s website, broadcast television will be the sole place that any of the award-winning films will be featured. The film Share, telling the story of a 15 year-old girl whose life is changed after a video goes viral, features well-known actress Taissa Farmiga (“American Horror Story”) while Anna Camp (“Pitch Perfect”) and Ashley Williams (“How I Met Your Mother”) appear in standout film “Sequin Raze”, a film about a producer of a popular reality TV show with an uncertain moral compass.

Whether you’re looking for pure entertainment or highly provocative, thought-inducing cinema, Film School Shorts promises to deliver.

Film School Shorts will air on UEN-TV on Saturdays starting September 24.
To check out more information on Film School Shorts, or to see previous work and a preview of what’s to come, visit Film School Shorts.

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