Bagley’s Top 5: Ranking the Top 2020-2021 NBA City Jerseys

By Cole Bagley, Sports Editor


No. 5: Golden State Warriors

If you were to utter the phrase, “We Believe” to any true Warriors fan, they would suddenly be filled with memories from the 2006-07 NBA season. That was a special year for the organization as the team made an incredible 16-5 run to end the season and clinched the No. 8 seed in the West. As they entered the playoffs, they faced the heavily favored No. 1 seeded Dallas Mavericks and pulled off the surprise upset, defeating the Mavericks four games to two. The “We Believe” phrase became popular during the last two months of the season and actually became their playoff slogan. This jersey is the perfect representation of that year and team as it resembles the navy jersey from that season, pays tribute to the fact the team was located in Oakland and down the sides has the phrase, “We Believe”. This will easily be a fan favorite as it pays tribute to the past in so many iconic ways. 

No. 4: Memphis Grizzlies

After going last season without a city edition jersey, the Memphis Grizzlies just released one of the most symbolic and best looking jerseys in the game. Everyone knows that Memphis has a deep history of music, specifically the soul genre, and this jersey pays homage to that history. Ever single part of this jersey has hints of symbolism, beginning with the black color and stripes, which represent vinyl records, the gold and turquoise colors from the 1972 Cadillac ElDorado which is on display at the Stax Soul Music Museum in Memphis and the the Stax and Sunglasses logos which pay direct tribute to artist Isaac Hayes, arguably the most famous genre artist to emerge from Memphis. This jersey was perfectly constructed with history spewing from its seams and will look beautiful out on the hardwood. 


No. 3: Charlotte Hornets

From 2003 to 2013, Charlotte’s NBA team was known as the Bobcats as the original Hornets had moved to New Orleans. But in 2014 New Orleans announced they would rebrand to become the Pelicans and Charlotte could take back the Hornets name. For the last six years Charlotte has been buzzing and these new jerseys embody that culture as each thread pays tribute to the history of Charlotte and North Carolina. The mint color is a representation of how North Carolina was home to the first U.S. Branch Mint, the granite stripes are a symbol of North Carolina’s official state rock and the gold trim pays homage to the Carolina gold rush of the 1800’s. All capped off by the iconic “Buzz City” phrase, this is easily Charlotte’s best city edition uniform.

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No. 2: Utah Jazz 

The Utah Jazz were the only team to keep their original city jersey for three seasons. While fans drooled over the original city jersey and its vibrant colors, it was indeed time for a change. However, that change didn’t have to be too drastic in order to introduce something new and exciting. We at the University of Utah know a little something when it comes to “Dark Mode” jerseys and apparently so do the Jazz. While the southern Utah colorway theme remained the same, the jersey is completely different than before. It is primarily black with a small color gradient from the chest up. It also includes a color gradient on the left leg of the shorts, state city logo on right leg and the famous arches monument logo on the waistband. While this jersey is primarily black, there is no question that it is a fire design. 


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No. 1: San Antonio Spurs

For years Spurs fans have been begging the franchise to produce a fiesta themed jersey. Ever since the David Robinson era, where the team often repped a fiesta themed warm up jacket, it has been the dream of Spurs fans everywhere. Well dreams have finally come true as the organization released their first ever fiesta jersey. With three diagonal stripes of teal, pink and orange across the front of the jersey and down both sides of the shorts, it is bound to be a party at any Spurs game where they rep these colors as deeply rooted hispanic fan base will be ecstatic.


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