Mora’s Top 5: Ranking the Top 2020-2021 NBA City Jerseys

By Sammy Mora, Sports Editor


No. 5: Philadelphia 76ers 

Hands down the best city jersey the 76ers have ever had. The jersey which acknowledges the culture of the city by showing the view of the city from Boathouse Row at night. The team also doesn’t stray from their usual colors of red white and blue, which are still present in the black jersey. The colored piping on the jerseys really make it pop overall. This look is vastly different from city jerseys past for the team and I think they hit the nail on the head with this on. For a city that is full of so much history it was cool for them to do something different that wasn’t rooted in the founding fathers. 


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No. 4: Oklahoma City Thunder 

When your colors are blue and orange there are a lot of things you can do to make a cool jersey. But the Thunder really hit it out of the park this year with their city jersey. The black jersey really makes the bright blue and orange diagonal lines pop. Adding the ‘Thunder’ down the leg of the shorts really brings it all together. It’s interesting to note that this is the only jersey for the team that only says the state name on the chest. All the others either say OKC, Oklahoma City or Thunder. 


No. 3: San Antonio Spurs 

Wow. The Spurs really did something with this one. It took years, but the fiesta colors are finally back. The black jersey paired with the neon orange, pink and teal is so well done and really takes people back to when the Spurs won the championship in 1999. The only thing that makes this jersey even better is the court that the team is going to play on when they wear those sick unis. This uniform is so clean and easily could have been my No. 1 if not for two others that just barely beat the fiesta jersey.

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No. 2: Chicago Bulls 

Call me biased but this is the best jersey the Bulls have had since Michael Jordan’s rookie season. At first glance I thought this jersey was an homage to the 1924 murder trials that Maurine Dallas Watkins covered for the Chicago Tribune, but once I heard the real inspiration, I was even more in love. This year’s city jersey for the Bulls is inspired by former city planner Daniel Burnham, who redesigned the city after the Great Chicago fire. The art deco theme is something that we’ve never seen before in a jersey before, and I’m really glad the Bulls were the first to do it. 


No. 1: Phoenix Suns

There’s no such thing as a perfect jersey, but the Suns came pretty close with this one. The Valley themed city jersey is not only super unique in terms of color and design but also with the way the team approached it. The chest reads “The Valley” because the team wants to show how they represent not only the city of Phoenix but also the whole metro area. The transitions between the orange, yellow and purple squares give off the effect of a sun set. Very fitting for the Valley of the Sun. 

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