Bagley’s Top 5 2020-2021 NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys

By Cole Bagley and Sammy Mora

No. 5 Minnesota Wild

The green and yellow are back on the ice in Minnesota as the Wild pay tribute to the former Minnesota North Stars. The North Stars were Minnesota’s hockey team from 1967-1993 until the team moved to Dallas and have been the Dallas Stars ever since. In 2000, the Minnesota Wild were born and 21 years later, the original colors return to a city whose citizens sound like they’re from Canada and love hockey as much as a true Canuck. These are one of the best white jerseys in the game and they are capped off with three stars down the sides of the player’s pants. While the North Stars may never return to Minnesota, fans are going wild over these jerseys.

No. 4 San Jose Sharks

The Sharks have been taking the ice in their iconic teal colors since 1991. During that time the organization has had two logos and while the new logo has been around since 2007, the original logo is back and looking better than ever in the team’s reverse retro jersey. While the new shark has shades of teal along with orange eyes and a more cartoon-looking stick, the original shark is all black with the original 90’s stick design. With a grey base and teal sleeves with a little black and white, these jerseys look very retro and opposing teams are going to have a tough time competing with the Sharks’ new look in uncharted waters.  

No. 3 Pittsburgh Penguins

It’s been almost 25 years since the Pittsburgh Penguins have had anything besides their iconic hockey penguin grace the front of their jerseys. The 1997 season was the last time the team had Pittsburgh across their chest and for the reverse retro jersey, they’ve finally brought it back. However, Pittsburgh is truly embracing the “reverse” part of this new line of jerseys as these jerseys are white instead of the ’97 black but still have the diagonal Pittsburgh from the shoulder to the bottom corner. The uniform also features their iconic hockey penguin on the shoulders with the sleeves and base dabbled in the Steel City’s black and yellow colors.

No. 2 Washington Capitals

The Washington Capitals are welcoming back their old friend as the eagle has landed in 2021. The Capitals are paying homage to the 1997 season where the organization repped their iconic “screaming eagle” in representation of the nation’s bird since the team plays in the nation’s capital. But the eagle is looking more patriotic than ever in the red, white and blue since the 2007 change where all of D.C.’s teams set out to reflect the nation’s colors. This may be the Capitals’ best jerseys ever as fans are screaming to get their hands on one.

No. 1 Los Angeles Kings

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Dating back to the ancient world, the color purple has been tied to royalty. The color was often reserved for those of elite and royal status due to its rarity and the cost of the dye in order for it to be produced. With that being said, it only makes sense for the Kings to bring back an old jersey with a royal and elite twist. The organization brought back their jersey design from the 1989 season and painted it purple and yellow, which the team hasn’t worn since 1987. While the team isn’t doing particularly well, hopefully, these jerseys can unlock the abilities of the “Great One”, who wore the original design during his time with the team from 1988-1996.


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