Art is international, and certain countries and cities inspire the growth of different art styles throughout the ages. Students can explore the birthplace of any art form through the numerous Learning Abroad opportunities that allow them to study elsewhere via the University of Utah.

Milan, Italy: Home to many of the worldís leading couturiers ó Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Armani and Versace ó Milan is the fashion capital of the world. But this gorgeous city is rife with inspiration, more than just fashion houses. Explore the artsy neighborhoods, experience life inside a painting at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and visit the Duomo di Milano Cathedral which houses Leonardo da Vinciís ìThe Last Supper.î U Learning Abroad offers three programs in this beautiful city.

Edinburgh, Scotland: Home to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Edinburgh is also the literary capital of the world. It is the birthplace of J.M. Barrie ó author of ìPeter Panî ó and it is also home to the Writers Museum. Additionally, Edinburgh is  close to Wigtown, Scotlandís National Book Town. With its breathtaking scenery, medieval Old Town and Edinburgh Castle towering over the city, visiting Edinburgh is like living in a fairytale. Although the U doesnít have a study abroad option in Edinburgh itself, there is an opportunity to learn in Glasgow, which is just 46 miles away.

London, England: The most well-known city in England is more than just Big Ben or the London Eye. Theatre buffs worldwide recognize London as the theatre capital. London is doused in literary history with an added aire of whimsy and intrigue. Visit Kingís Cross, 221B Baker St. or the iconic Thames before seeing the classic ìStarlight Expressî or the artsy ìMosquitoesî at one of the many theaters that dot the streets. With the widest variety of study abroad opportunities, the London program offers something for everyone.

Florence, Italy: Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance, which led to many of the paintings and techniques seen in fine arts museums today. The streets and plazas of this quaint city are filled with life and amazing works of art. The Learning Abroad program coordinators know thereís no better place to learn about art, and there are several programs dedicated solely to art in Florence.

St. Petersburg, Russia: St. Petersburg has been named the unofficial ballet capital of the world. St. Petersburg has taken ballet from an art form to a way of life, and not many choose to dispute its claim to fame. Explore the domed cathedrals and beautiful city, and then experience the passion of Russian ballerinas with one of the many study abroad programs in city of St. Petersburg itself.

Wiltshire, England: Photography is integral to modern communication. Wiltshire is where the first official photograph was taken with the techniques and instruments that would later lead to the cameras we use today. Stroll through the quaint countryside of this English county, wonder at the beauty and mystery of Stonehenge or visit the lovely town of Lacock. The U doesnít have any programs that take students to Wiltshire itself, but itís only a train ride away from London.

Barcelona, Spain: Beautiful architecture is often overlooked. Barcelona is one of the top-ranked cities for architecture in the world alongside Berlin, Germany; Rome, Italy and Athens, Greece. Taking a trip to study in sunny Spain is an adventure. Fill free time with trips to Museu Picasso, tour the streets to take in the amazing architecture and hunt for Antoni Gaudiís modernist landmarks.

Paris, France: Food is one of the most interactive art forms. Not only is Paris the ìCity of Love,î itís also the food capital of the world, with an astounding variety and the cultivation of techniques to create some of the best cooking schools in the world. Picnic in one of Parisí amazing parks, visit Franceís most famous museum ó The Louvre ó and taste some of the best coffee in the world at one of the cafes along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. Get a taste for French culture and food with one of the many Learning Abroad programs through the U.

Studying abroad is a great experience and students looking to learn more about other cultures, experience art in its capital or who are just hoping to knock out their International Requirement in a more hands-on way should stop by the Learning Abroad office in the A. Ray Olpin Student Union. They can even stop by the Global U Expo on Sept. 20. Learning Abroad representatives encourage students to participate in any program that catches their interests and offer a wide variety of scholarship opportunities in order to embrace the spirit of adventure and build relationships with a variety of new people in cities that continue to make history.

Jaycen Eggleston
Jaycen Eggleston is an English major who makes a mean macchiato and is interning at the Arts Desk.


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