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Hinckley Institute Hopes to Break Record

Last year, the Hinckley Institute of Politics held a record 116 forums and it hopes to exceed that number this year.

Softball: Woodard chasing special plays for Utes

For Utah’s Maddy Woodard, playing for Utah has represented the peak of her softball career.

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Gymnastics: Wilson not letting injury get to her, fans show support

It wasn’t by choice, but Tory Wilson has given up her life of tumbling and flipping for one filled with rolling and scooting.

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Top Stories

The effort and commitment that goes into not exerting effort can be exhausting thankless work. You should know your craft doesn't go unnoticed. Here are some #ProcrastinatorProbs:

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U's Beta Theta Pi Fraternity Wins Award for Excellence
The Beta Theta Pi fraternity at the U isn’t just the best in the West — it’s the best on the continent.

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Utah Residents and U Students Air Transportation Concerns
Last Thursday’s Wasatch Front Regional Council heard a total of five public comments in one day, more than they’ve ever heard in the span of 24 hours.

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