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U Helps Defend Against U.S. Cyber Attacks

As weapon technology advances each year, the United States Department of Defense must prepare to face the next generation of attacks — and it’s not from guns. Rather, it’s over the Internet.

U's Pistol Team Wins at National Competition

It’s not often a sports team wins with an actual bang, but the U’s Pistol Team did just that.

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Fraternity Hosts Local Leaders

A group of Sigma Chi fraternity members donned their best suits and ties for a night recognizing influential local and state officials on Wednesday.

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Top Stories

U Alumni Receive Honorary Degrees
“We had an impressive pool of candidates ... and we are proud to present them with the institution’s highest honor,” Julie Barrett, the Board of Trustees honors committee chair, said in a statement announcing the honorary degrees.

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Lyrid Meteor Shower Lights Skies
It may appear to the Chicken Littles of the world that the sky is falling, but it’s actually just the Lyrid meteor shower.

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Students Participate in "Slut Walk"
Short skirts, crop tops and bare skin are not signs of consent. This was the message of Students Against Sexual Assault’s “Slut Walk.”

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