The Muggs, Album: “Full Tilt”


4 and half Stars

Year: April 2013  Genre: Rock-Blues
-Braxton Dutson-
The Muggs (The Ugliest Band In the World) “Full Tilt”  Live CD starts out with a band intro and roars right into a smooth classic rock beat and Jimmy Hendrix style of guitar.  The bass and guitar sync up to the same riff on every set, but I will say they are catchy licks.  Drums were simple but do the trick, and the bass makes for easy listening.  The vocals were not my favorite at the beginning but grew on me toward the middle of the CD; however, the guitar solos are really fun to listen to, they add a lot to the individual songs.
The style is a rock blues which is an interesting mix; a firm rock foundation with Blues influence and overtone.  I found multiple songs on the album that I went back to listen to on several times; especially the songs “Leanin Blues” and “Get It On”.   I realize it is a live album, and any artist will tell you that live is a whole different animal than studio work.  For live singing he does a good job.  I give this album a 4 out of 5 stars, and if we gave half stars I would even give them a half on top of that, I really enjoyed the album and I look forward to hearing them in a studio setting.  I encourage all those who like Rock, especially rock of the late 60s and 70’s to listen to this album.  You may just find yourself following 70’s style band in a 21st century setting.
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