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Hall: Americans Need Media Literacy

By Lexi Hall, Opinion Writer July 2, 2024

  Combatting misinformation has become a critical challenge on social media platforms like TikTok. Content can spread rapidly and influence a wide audience. The rampant spread of false information...

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Point of View: Why Legislative Bills are Difficult to Understand

Transcript: Estella Weeks: Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Point of View, The Daily Utah Chronicle’s opinion podcast. My name is Estella Weeks, your host for today's episode, and I'm joined by...

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Jarvis and Lezaic: A Rising Push for Censorship

By Caroline Jarvis and Angela Lezaic April 16, 2024

  In a slew of censorship pushed by the United States government and mostly U.S.-based media companies, Meta’s new political content filter poses the most recent cause for outrage. The update...

Governor Spencer Cox on March Jan. 18, 2022. (Courtesy of Flickr)

Benavidez: Cox Bends the Knee

By Jake Benavidez, Opinion Writer March 30, 2024

  Gov. Spencer Cox recently met with head of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, echoing his fellow conservatives’ narratives about illegal immigration. Cox sent the Utah National Guard...

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Barney: Voter ID is a Flawed Premise

By Sebastian Barney, Opinion Writer September 7, 2023

  Donald Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson on Aug. 23 highlighted a myriad of old talking points. These included a range of justifications for his insurrection attempt. Trump and others...

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Bringhurst: Republican Legislators Disenfranchise Student Voices

By Maggie Bringhurst, Opinion Writer February 24, 2022

  On Nov. 10, 2021, around 200 Utahns rallied in protest outside the state Capitol building when Gov. Spencer Cox approved the new congressional district map. The new map, passed by Republican...

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Kincart: Understanding the Judges on Your Ballot

By Sydney Kincart, Print Chief, Opinion Writer February 2, 2022

  When I voted for the first time, I called my parents to ask what the judicial portion of the ballot meant. Where do I find information about judges? How do I determine if they did their job well?...

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Edwards & Shadley: Building Better Boundaries

By Sheely Edwards and Will Shadley November 30, 2021

  Against the wishes of the Salt Lake community, Utah Republicans have chosen to prioritize their job security over genuine representation. Utahns voted for an independent commission to redraw...

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Hibben: Trump’s Desperation Has Hit an All-new Low

By Aya Hibben, Opinion Writer November 11, 2021

  Attempts to investigate the planning and execution of the January 6th insurrection attack have been thwarted by former President Donald Trump. The House committee in charge of investigating...

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Cushman: A Biden Impeachment Would Be an Attack on Democracy

By KC Ellen Cushman, Opinion Writer September 9, 2021

  During his campaign, President Joe Biden promised to end costly wars in the Middle East, a promise he made good on when he decided to end the two-decades long conflict in Afghanistan. However,...