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Edwards & Shadley: Building Better Boundaries

By Sheely Edwards and Will Shadley November 30, 2021

  Against the wishes of the Salt Lake community, Utah Republicans have chosen to prioritize their job security over genuine representation. Utahns voted for an independent commission to redraw...

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Hibben: Trump’s Desperation Has Hit an All-new Low

By Aya Hibben, Opinion Writer November 11, 2021

  Attempts to investigate the planning and execution of the January 6th insurrection attack have been thwarted by former President Donald Trump. The House committee in charge of investigating...

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Cushman: A Biden Impeachment Would Be an Attack on Democracy

By KC Ellen Cushman, Opinion Writer September 9, 2021

  During his campaign, President Joe Biden promised to end costly wars in the Middle East, a promise he made good on when he decided to end the two-decades long conflict in Afghanistan. However,...

West High School Thursday afternoon in Salt Lake City (Photo by Maya Fraser | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Alexander & Soter: Youth Deserve A Say in Their Future

By CJ Alexander and Theadora Soter March 10, 2021

  This last year has been nothing if not remarkable — 2020 survivors bore witness to a deadly worldwide pandemic, a jaw-dropping siege on American democracy and a tragic economic recession, with...

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Editorial: The Wojciechowski Ticket Is the U’s Best Bet for a Safer Future

By The Daily Utah Chronicle Editorial Board February 21, 2021

  Last week, we released an editorial expressing disappointment with student government’s limited power on our campus and recommending changes that could make ASUU the representative student...

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Shadley: Utah Needs Campaign Finance Candidates

By Will Shadley, Opinion Writer February 21, 2021

  In the midst of a global pandemic that has left Utahns struggling to maintain jobs, housing and healthcare, you may be surprised to hear that pro-billboard legislation has found its way to valuable...

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Reese: Why Change Our Voting Laws?

By Isaac Reese, Opinion Writer February 19, 2021

  The 2020 election is over and state lawmakers across the country are already working to make it harder to vote. Utah legislators have three notable bills that will change the way Utahns vote....

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Editorial: ASUU Isn’t Reaching Its Potential

By The Daily Utah Chronicle Editorial Board February 15, 2021

  When we first met as an editorial board to plan a piece on ASUU, the University of Utah’s student government, half of our team hardly knew anything about the organization, much less had any...

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Alexander: Sean Reyes Failed Us

By CJ Alexander, Opinion Writer February 14, 2021

  Elected officials have no excuse for not doing their jobs and the Attorney General is no exception. As a lawyer for the people and a reflection of the state, the AG should always embody the wishes...

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Shadley: Utah Needs Ranked Choice Voting

By Will Shadley, Opinion Writer February 11, 2021

  With only 188,707 votes (36.2%) in the Republican gubernatorial primary last June, Spencer Cox became our de-facto Governor-Elect, as no Democratic candidate has won the governorship in nearly...