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Cushman: Utah Stands Out with Opportunities for Student Political Involvement

Utah State Capitol Building | Chronicle archives.

By KC Ellen Cushman, Opinion Writer

August 13, 2020

  College is vital in turning young people into active constituents. While voter turnout increased by 11% among all Americans in 2018, voter turnout among college students had a 21% increase. Higher education pushes students to be civically engaged by giving them the knowledge and skills they need to understand where thei...

Cushman: Confederate Monuments Are an Affront to Equality and Democracy

An obelisk, donated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1961, commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the Battle of Big Bethel. (Courtesy U.S. Air Force)

By KC Ellen Cushman, Opinion Writer

August 12, 2020

  In Germany, illegally displaying Nazi symbols is punishable with jail time. Displaying a swastika is not only a cultural taboo but can also be a crime because Germany has decided that Nazi symbolism is in direct conflict with its constitution and national values. Germany’s policy contras...

Burton: Now’s the Time to Buy Directly From Utah Restaurants

A tourist wears a protective mask at Biffi Restaurant in Galleria Vittorio, Milan, amid coronavirus fears. (Photo by Valeria Ferraro | Courtesy Getty Images)

By Logan Burton, Opinion Writer

August 11, 2020

  Burton: Buy Directly From Utah Restaurants COVID-19 demonstrates the fragile foundations of both advanced and developing economies. With how interconnected the global economy is, an incident in one local area or market can quickly collapse the rest of the economy. During the 2008 financial ...

Scott: Taking the Protest to Your Neighbor’s Porch

(Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

By Elise Scott, Opinion Writer

August 11, 2020

  Every year, we write a new version of the same article encouraging students to become involved in local politics. We build our case that college students have a unique passion for making a difference, that voting is a civic duty and yes, you can even get college credit for a political internship...

Poma: “Wokeness” and the Teenage Psyche

Protestors sit on Salt Lake City streets outside the Public Safety Building listening to organizers speak at the Juneteenth protest. (Photo by Ivana Martinez | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Sasha Poma, Opinion Writer

August 9, 2020

  In the age of social media and a rocky socio-political climate, younger generations now have the ability to use their unique voices for change. A recent article in the Deseret News illustrated this debate on politically vocal teenagers: some parents are concerned about how involved their children have be...

Burton: It’s Time to Volunteer for Something Bigger Than Yourself

Gardening at Legacy of Lowell Saturday Service Project 2017. Courtesy of the Bennion Center

By Logan Burton, Opinion Writer

August 6, 2020

  I’ve been mulling over a quote from Blaise Pascal for the last couple of months, "All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Despite being hundreds of years old, his astute observation seems even more apt as we practice social distancing. We are...

Cushman: Partisanship Poses a Bigger Threat to Your Liberty than a Mask Mandate

Taylor Natt and her husband Hayden Natt prepare for the protest for Bernardo Palacios in front of the District Attorney’s office in Salt Lake City on June 24, 2020. (Photo by Ivana Martinez| Daily Utah Chronicle)

By KC Ellen Cushman, Opinion Writer

July 28, 2020

  A recent Salt Lake Tribune article commended Senator Mitt Romney for his willingness to step away from his party. It cited examples like Romney’s vote to convict President Trump of abuse of power during his impeachment trial and his attendance at a Black Lives Matter protest in Washington D.C. last month. Sena...

McGrath: Birth Control Is Healthcare

(Courtesy Pixabay)

By Mackenzie McGrath, Opinion Writer

July 27, 2020

  Religious and reproductive freedom — two of the most dreaded topics to come up during holiday conversations with relatives. It’s not without reason. Religion is deeply intertwined with many people’s core beliefs and access to healthcare is essential to perform the most basic, daily activities....

Barron: Like Our Air, Staggs’ Plan Need Work

Inversion in Salt Lake City, UT on Friday, Nov. 10, 2017. (Photo by Curtis Lin/ Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Morgan Barron, Opinion Writer

July 27, 2020

  For almost three years, Trent Staggs has served as the mayor of my hometown. Under his leadership, a lot in Riverton has changed, from our logo to our police department. Indeed, 80% of the initiatives outlined in Staggs’ 4-year strategic plan were accomplished in his first two years in offic...

Gholami: It’s Time for Restorative Justice in Utah

Protesters paint the district attorney office in Salt Lake City red to illustrate the “blood on Gills hands”  after the earlier decision that declared officers involved in the killing of Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal as justified on July 9, 2020. (Photo by Ivana Martinez | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Samira Gholami, Opinion Writer

July 25, 2020

  The outpour of activism for criminal justice reform has caught the attention of the media in exceptional ways, popularizing different theories on how to best construct a just society. One concept at the forefront of the conversation on reform is the theory of restorative justice. Derived f...

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