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A woman holds a Women's Rights are Human Rights sign during Women's March on the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City, Utah on Monday Jan. 23, 2017. (Rishi Deka, Daily Utah Chronicle)

Buening: Follow the Leader to Achieve Gender Equality

By Sarah Buening, Opinion Writer September 16, 2021

  This summer, I wrote about Utah’s dreadful women’s issues stigmatization problem. At the time, a 2020 WalletHub study placed Utah in last place for women’s equality in the country. In this...

Students at the University of Utah are following the COVID-19 guidelines by wearing masks while working on campus. (Photo by Abu Asib | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Kincart: Current University COVID-19 Policies are Ableist

By Sydney Kincart, Print Chief, Opinion Writer September 15, 2021

  The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t over. The virus' variants still pervade the country. The CDC shows that the United States currently experiences high levels of transmission. This is especially concerning...

(Courtesy Pexels)

Bringhurst: Joe Rogan is Spreading Dangerous COVID-19 Misinformation 

By Maggie Bringhurst September 14, 2021

  A typical day in Joe Rogan’s life starts at the gym, followed by mushroom coffee and supplements such as creatine and Alpha Brain. He sticks to a strict diet founded in “primal” eating. Dude-bros...

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Alexander & Hibben: Texas’ Abortion Laws Are Horrific

By CJ Alexander and Aya Hibben September 14, 2021

  Texas legislators recently passed a horrific bill prohibiting abortions after six weeks, before most women even know they are pregnant. With narrow exceptions for health complications,...

The Dinwoodey Mansion in Salt Lake City on September 6, 2021. (Photo by Kevin Cody | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Bringhurst: Salt Lake City is Bulldozing Invaluable History

By Maggie Bringhurst September 9, 2021

  Silk dresses and fedoras peppered the crowd. Tiffany chandeliers sparkled overhead. Abbott & Costello dazzled the audience with “Who’s on First,” an iconic comedy routine. Such vaudeville...

Students studying on campus in front of Gardner Commons (Photo by Paige Gardner | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Hibben: Make Trigger Warnings a Priority on Campus Alerts

By Aya Hibben, Opinion Writer September 9, 2021

  Trigger Warning: This article discusses sensitive information pertaining to sexual violence, violence and self-harm.   The Clery Act, created in the Memoriam of Jeanne Clery, who was...

(Graphic by Sydney Stam | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Shadley: The Child Tax Credit Taught Us That We Need a Basic Income

By Will Shadley, Opinion Writer September 7, 2021

  When United States President Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, the Child Tax Credit temporarily increased from an annual credit of $2,000 per child to $3,600 and $3,000 for...

West High School Thursday afternoon in Salt Lake City (Photo by Maya Fraser | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Buening: Educational Barriers Negate Equal Opportunity

By Sarah Buening, Opinion Writer September 2, 2021

  America loves to use the term “equal opportunity” in reference to our access to success. Equal opportunity, by definition, would mean that every American has a level playing field without...

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Bringhurst: Banning Porn is a Puritanical Smokescreen

By Maggie Bringhurst September 1, 2021

  Sex work is one of the oldest careers known to man. The earliest records of prostitution date back to 2400 BC in ancient Mesopotamia. Various forms of pornography have been documented throughout...

Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox speaking at the inauguration of Ruth Watkins, 16th president of the University of Utah.(Photo by: Justin Prather | The Utah Chronicle)

Forth: In an Hour of Need, Cox Did What Biden Wouldn’t

By Kate Forth, Opinion Writer September 1, 2021

  Recently, Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital and United States’ last remaining military base in Afghanistan, fell to Taliban control. Now that the U.S. is withdrawing entirely from Afghanistan,...