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Jang: Child Homelessness Needs Utah’s Attention

By Eseudel Jang, Opinion Writer June 10, 2024

  While the housing crisis has become a significant issue, the Utah Legislature has passed multiple bills to minimize homelessness in the state, but its efforts have primarily focused on unhoused...

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Jang: Dry Campus Policies Need Practical Solutions

By Eseudel Jang, Opinion Writer June 9, 2024

  Colleges implement dry campus policies to protect students. However, reports indicate these policies do little to solve underlying problems. The University of Utah enforces regulations on...

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Langley: Stop Worshipping Brands

By Jeffrey Langley Jr., Opinion Editor June 8, 2024

  In the U.S., branding is a significant part of our economic reality. Companies make products with their calling card, like a unique name or flashy exterior. These help you remember it the next...

The block U on campus with the colors of the intersectional LGBTQ+ pride flag on March 24, 2021.

Griffee: The U Needs Pride Week  

By Elizabeth Griffee June 5, 2024

  Three weeks ago, the University of Utah wrapped the iconic Block U in the pride flag rather than sporting its signature Utah crimson red. The temporary change has come every year to celebrate...

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Nshangalume: The Irony of Social Media and Politics

By Iragi Nshangalume, Opinion Writer May 26, 2024

  One of the things that the United States likes to gloat about is its alleged status as an oasis of freedom for its citizens. The idea is that the U.S. is the only nation in the world that offers...

Pro-Palestine demonstrators hold up signs that read Cease Fire Now next to the newly built encampment in front of the John R. Park Building at the University of Utah during the Emergency Rally For Palestine on Monday, April 29, 2024. (Photo by Marco Lozzi | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Timpa: To Be an American

By Matthew Timpa, Opinion Writer May 24, 2024

  Over the last few weeks, universities nationwide have borne witness to student-run protests in support of a free Palestine.   The University of Utah is no exception to this, with students...

Angela Lezaic, opinion writer of the Daily Utah Chronicle, poses for a photo inside the J. Willard Marriott Library on the University of Utah campus in Salt Lake City on March 29, 2024. (Photo by Luke Larsen | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Lezaic: The Death of Journalistic Integrity

By Angela Lezaic, Opinion Writer May 15, 2024

  I have officially spent over two years at the Daily Utah Chronicle, and it’s been a wild ride.   I got this position after I started standing back up from the lowest point in my life. I...

Pro-Palestine demonstrators organize in the City Creek Park in Salt Lake City during the Stand for Palestine Rally on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2023. (Photo by Marco Lozzi | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Hall: Freeing Palestine is Not Antisemitic

By Lexi Hall, Opinion Writer May 14, 2024

  Universities worldwide are caught in a contentious debate as students and professors clash with university administrations fueled by the Palestinian solidarity movement. The University of Utah,...

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Hufford: Finding Balance in a One-Click World

By Olivia Hufford, Opinion Writer May 13, 2024

  Social media is a double-edged sword. It can facilitate awareness, important conversations and connection to a level that would have seemed impossible 20 years ago. However, it can also pose...

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Jang: Sundance Shines in Utah

By Eseudel Jang, Opinion Writer May 7, 2024

  Controversy recently arose over whether the Sundance Film Festival will move to other cities as its current contract is set to expire in 2027. With an over 40-year history, Sundance has been...