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Scott: Success is Great, But Don’t Forget to Be a Person

By Elise Scott, Opinion Writer December 10, 2020

  It’s weird to reflect back on my undergrad experience as someone who never thought they would go to college. I was always a good student as a child, but higher education never felt inevitable,...

(Photo by: Justin Prather | The Daily Utah Chronicle).

Goodbye, Daily Utah Chronicle. Yes, Yes, We Promise We’ll Call.

Emily Anderson: Editor-in-Chief Every Sonic Youth song longer than five minutes (most of them). Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. Training for a marathon — or, even, a half marathon. That...

(Photo by Justin Prather / Daily Utah Chronicle)

Saying Goodbye

Megan Hulse, Executive Editor The most common reaction I get when I explain my job is: “Oh my goodness, you’re just like Rory Gilmore!”   To that, I used to laugh, agree and move on with...

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