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Poma: Yes, We Need to Wear Masks This Fall Semester

By Sasha Poma, Opinion Writer

August 10, 2020

  Over the past several months, we’ve all experienced unprecedented changes in our daily lives due to the coronavirus pandemic. With that, face masks and coverings – which have been heavily debated since the beginning of this crisis – quickly became an essential part of everyone’s wa...

Burton: It’s Time to Volunteer for Something Bigger Than Yourself

Gardening at Legacy of Lowell Saturday Service Project 2017. Courtesy of the Bennion Center

By Logan Burton, Opinion Writer

August 6, 2020

  I’ve been mulling over a quote from Blaise Pascal for the last couple of months, "All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Despite being hundreds of years old, his astute observation seems even more apt as we practice social distancing. We are...

Chung: Schools Could Reopen Safely This Fall – but Governments Need to Do More

West High School in Salt Lake City. In the minority-majority Salt Lake City School District, there are concerns about later start times. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

By Stacy Chung, Social Media Manager, Opinion Writer

August 6, 2020

  As the coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the world, face coverings and masks have sparked a heated debate in the United States. Questions about who should wear them and why have been a primary focus of these discussions, but the issue of who will provide them is a bigger question tha...

Cushman: COVID-19 Illuminates the Inequities Indigenous People Have Faced for Centuries

Michelle Brown, campaign chair of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women organization, speaks at the Womxn’s March at the Utah state capitol on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020.

By KC Ellen Cushman, Opinion Writer

August 3, 2020

  The coronavirus outbreak has affected all our lives, but ethnically and racially diverse communities are facing the pandemic’s severest consequences. COVID-19 has had a disproportionate impact on indigenous populations specifically, in large part due to a lack of resources to combat it. While the pandemic has illuminated the lack of resources available to indigenous communities, it i...

Poma: Anti-Mask? Keep Your Kids Home from School

Chronicle archives.

By Sasha Poma, Opinion Writer

July 29, 2020

  Masks have stirred a lot of confusion and debate during the coronavirus pandemic. With most K-12 schools allowed to hold in-person sessions this fall, Governor Gary Herbert declared that schools across Utah must require everyone in a school building to wear masks. But recently, many parents tried to protest this mandate, claiming that the masks don’t help their kids and that the mandate is an infringement on their very constitutional rights. If parents want to home-school their children this fall because the...

McGrath: Birth Control Is Healthcare

(Courtesy Pixabay)

By Mackenzie McGrath, Opinion Writer

July 27, 2020

  Religious and reproductive freedom — two of the most dreaded topics to come up during holiday conversations with relatives. It’s not without reason. Religion is deeply intertwined with many people’s core beliefs and access to healthcare is essential to perform the most basic, daily activities....

Barron: Like Our Air, Staggs’ Plan Need Work

Inversion in Salt Lake City, UT on Friday, Nov. 10, 2017. (Photo by Curtis Lin/ Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Morgan Barron, Opinion Writer

July 27, 2020

  For almost three years, Trent Staggs has served as the mayor of my hometown. Under his leadership, a lot in Riverton has changed, from our logo to our police department. Indeed, 80% of the initiatives outlined in Staggs’ 4-year strategic plan were accomplished in his first two years in offic...

Burton: Utah’s Gubernatorial Primary Showed Us the Importance of Mail-In Voting

People casting their votes during the Midterm Elections 2018 at the Salt Lake County Building in Salt Lake City, UT on Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018. (Photo by Curtis Lin | Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Logan Burton, Opinion Writer

July 23, 2020

  The 2020 Utah gubernatorial race has been an exciting process. With a prolific and lengthy decade under his belt, Gary Herbert will retire his position as governor in 2021. The next governor will be a dramatic change in Utah’s leadership as the state faces the challenges that come with a...

Barron: A Jail Sentence Shouldn’t Be a Death Sentence

Barron: A Jail Sentence Shouldn't Be a Death Sentence

By Morgan Barron, Opinion Writer

July 21, 2020

  As of July 6, Weber County Jail has 114 active COVID-19 cases and nearly a third of the inmates jailed in Washington County tested positive for the virus. In contrast, Utah’s prisons, which have almost 1,000 more inmates than the jail system, have only 38 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Fears of contracting the virus are running high among the inmate...

McGrath: Defunding UUPD to Kill Two Birds With One Stone

University of Utah police officer M. Veatupu surveys the crowd during a time out in the UCLA vs. Utah basketball game at the Huntsman Center, University of Utah Campus, Salt Lake City, UT on Thursday, February 20th, 2020. (Photo by Mark Draper | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

By Mackenzie McGrath, Opinion Writer

July 21, 2020

  Mental health is often treated as a second hand thought and stigmatized in academia, especially for students of color. White students are significantly more likely to receive and use in-school services than their non-white peers. Not only are they disproportionately affected, but young peo...

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