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Brown: If You’re Vaccinated Lose the Mask

By Jackson Brown, Opinion Writer June 10, 2021

  When the COVID-19 vaccines came out, I, like many others, researched vaccine effectiveness and then got vaccinated as soon as possible. With the CDC’s announcement that it’s okay for vaccinated...

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Hibben: Optional Masks Don’t Encourage Vaccinations

By Aya Hibben, Opinion Writer June 9, 2021

  The CDC recently loosened restrictions for vaccinated individuals, saying that masks are no longer a precaution they should take. With over half of the U.S. population now having received at...

Holly Pound cooks chicken at Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen on May 22, 2021 in Salt Lake City. (Photo by Jack Gambassi | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Alexander: Legitimize Mental Health Issues At Work

By CJ Alexander, Opinion Writer May 27, 2021

  The American economy I know is built on the efforts and labor of the individual worker. Cashiers at grocery stores, restaurant cooks, bank tellers, firefighters and all other occupations work...

A sign reported fire danger levels near Mueller Park Canyon in Bountiful, Utah on Friday, May 21, 2021. (Photo by Brooklyn Critchley | The Daily Utah Chronicle) 

Shadley: Masks Protect Us From Poor Air Quality, but Will Utahns Wear Them?

By Will Shadley, Opinion Writer May 25, 2021

  The CDC recently announced that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks in most settings. While we can debate whether this announcement came too soon, the prevalence of masks will...

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Hibben: The US is Morally Obligated to Share Its Excess Vaccines

By Aya Hibben, Opinion Writer May 11, 2021

  Over 3 million people worldwide have died from COVID-19 as of the writing of this article. The United States has vaccinated close to half of the population. But even after the entire population...

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Hibben: Abortion Exceptions Aren’t Helpful

By Aya Hibben, Opinion Writer May 6, 2021

  Across the country, pro-life advocates have made significant strides to infringe women’s reproductive rights. Most recently, Utah has taken steps to criminalize abortion after 18 weeks. However,...

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Cushman: Protect Utah Students by Teaching Them Consent

By KC Ellen Cushman, Opinion Writer May 5, 2021

  Last month, threats from one student to carry out a "rape day" at Cedar High School in Cedar City, Utah left students and parents terrified. Rape is not a joke. It isn’t funny to threaten...

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Alexander: Take Women’s Health Seriously

By CJ Alexander, Opinion Writer May 4, 2021

  For the past few weeks, alarms have been raised over the safety of the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, due to the observed risk of thrombosis— deep vein blood clots. While...

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Soter: Evangelical Vaccine Hesitancy Must End

By Theadora Soter, Opinion Writer April 28, 2021

  Last summer, I wrote a piece about the ironic correlation between the pro-life and anti-mask movements. It was a poignant oxymoron. Here was a right-leaning (therefore inherently Christian) group...

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Hibben: Utah is Doing All the Wrong Things for Women

By Aya Hibben, Opinion Writer April 25, 2021

  A new law passed in Utah requires fathers to pay for half of pregnancy expenses, placing greater financial responsibility on men. The bill, H.B. 113, was introduced as a “pro-life” measure...

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