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Point of View: The Hidden Danger Behind Medical Spas

By Stevie Shaughnessey, Estella Weeks, and Emma Smith May 7, 2024

Transcript: Estella Weeks: Welcome back to Point of View, The Daily Utah Chronicle’s opinion podcast. I'm your host Estella Weeks and today I'm joined by Emma Smith. Emma has been a writer...

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Timpa: Utah Isn’t Ready to Ban Abortion

By Matthew Timpa, Opinion Writer May 1, 2024

  This past month, Arizona has moved to reinstate a nearly 200-year-old law. It will ban abortions in their entirety, making no exceptions for extraneous circumstances except to save the life of...

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Point of View — Episode 5: The Health and Environment Benefits of Public Transportation

Transcript: Estella Weeks: Hi everyone, and welcome back to Point of View, The Daily Utah Chronicle’s opinion podcast. My name is Estella Weeks and I'll be your host today. Today, we have on Jeffrey...

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Lezaic: We Deserve Better COVID-19 Surveillance

By Angela Lezaic, Opinion Writer February 27, 2024

  It’s no secret the United States abandoned its immunocompromised, elderly and disabled residents throughout the last four years of the pandemic. While these vulnerable groups remain at risk,...

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Jang: Utah Shouldn’t Require Parental Consent for Sex Ed

By Eseudel Jang, Opinion Writer February 13, 2024

  In H.B. 112, Rep. Tim Jimenez (R-Tooele) proposed amendments to sex education in Utah public schools, emphasizing a need for parental consent and ensuring students’ grades remain unaffected...

Muskan Walia poses for a photo on the University of Utah campus on Dec. 8, 2023. (Photo by Sophie Felici | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Jarvis: Environmental Justice with Muskan Walia

By Caroline Jarvis, Opinion Writer February 7, 2024

  Before she knew what environmental sustainability was, University of Utah student Muskan Walia was engaging in it, gardening with her mom and grandmother and mixing spice blends with the herbs...

University of Utah Hospital main entrance in Salt Lake City on June 23, 2021. (Photo by Kevin Cody | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Hufford: Integrated Healthcare Should be Accessible to All

By Olivia Hufford, Opinion Writer December 21, 2023

  The United States faces an unprecedented mental health crisis — nearly 60% of individuals actively seek care, but as many as 40% can’t access it. Poor insurance coverage and long waitlists...

The Intermountain Healthcare Clinic in Salt Lake City on Oct. 4, 2022. (Photo by Andrea Oltra | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Barney: Unionize Utah’s Healthcare

By Sebastian Barney, Opinion Writer December 7, 2023

  Many workers have rightfully decided that unions play critical roles in ensuring appropriate wages and benefits. In Utah, workers in job sectors ranging from cannabis to libraries have managed...

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Ely: Companionship in Cells

By Emma Ely November 21, 2023

  A dog is a human’s best friend. While that may be an opinionated statement, it is also statically factual. Dogs have been bringing comfort and support to humans for thousands of years, providing...

Protestors hold hearts towards transgender youth sitting on the steps of the Utah State Capitol on March 24, 2022.

Cowley: It’s My Campus Too

By Elle Cowley, Multimedia Managing Editor November 9, 2023

  As of late, anti-trans sentiments have slowly crept out of the shadows and reared their ugly head around campus. It’s become apparent that there are people at the University of Utah who believe...