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Ashton and Jordan Peterson enjoying the water at Hot Springs Pool in Saratoga Springs, UT on May 29, 2021. (Photo by Silvana Peterson | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Kincart: Take a Break This Summer

By Sydney Kincart, Print Chief, Opinion Writer May 12, 2021

  We finally made it through one of the most difficult school years to date. We endured mental, physical, emotional and financial hardships as we pursued education during the pandemic. We managed...

(Courtesy Isaac Reese)

Reese: My Last Take — Student Journalism Matters

By Isaac Reese, Opinion Writer May 10, 2021

  It feels weird to finally reach the finish line of my undergraduate education and write my last piece for The Daily Utah Chronicle. I began opinion writing at the Chrony in the summer of 2019...

The Park Building at the top of President's Circle, where the U administration works. (Chronicle archives)

Reese & Shadley: The University of Utah is Not a Democracy, but It Can Be

By Isaac Reese and Will Shadley April 30, 2021

  In 2021, undemocratic systems of government are almost universally viewed as indefensible. Democratic elections are popular across the world, with 78% of people from 38 countries supporting some...

(Photo by Abu Asib | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Shadley: The 40-Hour Workweek Isn’t Working

By Will Shadley , Opinion Writer April 27, 2021

  The Ford Motor Company shifted from a 48-hour workweek to a 40-hour workweek in 1914 — and for 107 years in America, we haven’t seriously considered the possibility of reducing the standard...

Courtesy of Nain Christopherson

Christopherson: College Might Not Nurture All Your Interests — But You Can

By Nain Christopherson, Assistant Opinion Editor April 24, 2021

  I ended up at The Daily Utah Chronicle kind of by accident, and kind of because it was inevitable. I’m an English teaching major with an interest in grammar as well as political and social...

(Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Weglinski: Go Study Abroad

By Sonia Weglinski, Opinion Writer April 24, 2021

  My first study abroad experience was in high school, when I went with a group of 15 students to Beijing, China during the summer. I had studied Mandarin for three years prior to this trip, but...

(Design by Taylor Maguire | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Editorial: What Students Expect from the U’s New Leadership

  Young adults have the power to change the world. As voters, workers and community members, we have a say in whether the future will be one of justice and peace or oppression and anger. But we’re...

Graphic by Jose Alex Garcia | The Daily Utah Chronicle

Reese: Abolish ASUU to Establish a New Kind of Student Democracy

By Isaac Reese, Opinion Writer April 23, 2021

  I recently listened to an episode of New York Times opinion writer and co-founder of Vox Ezra Klein’s podcast, "The Ezra Klein Show" where he talks with political scientist Hélène Landemore...

A pair of LDS missionaries. (Photo by Silvana Peterson | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Kincart: Vaccinate the Missionaries

By Sydney Kincart, Print Chief, Opinion Writer April 13, 2021

  In mid-January, photos of President Russel M. Nelson getting his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination circulated the internet. This was followed by a statement from The Church of Jesus Christ...

A development project underway off of 500 S and 1300 E in Salt Lake City on October 15th 2020. (Photo by Gwen Christopherson | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Saifee: The Stage is Set for Gentrification in Salt Lake City

By Zahra Saifee, Opinion Editor April 12, 2021

  Utah's population is booming — thanks to economic growth in Salt Lake and Utah counties, and a relatively low unemployment rate despite the pandemic. People from California and other western...

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