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Letter: Your Parking or Your Life

Pay lot kiosk in the Union Parking Lot. (Chronicle archives)
November 23, 2020

  As a University of Utah student, you know what I love seeing on campus? “NO STUDENT PARKING” signs. I’m not joking — I legitimately wish we had less student parking available. Surprised?...

Saifee: The Environmental Movement’s Progressive Transformation is Long Overdue

Zions National Park in Springdale. (Photo by Cassandra Palor | Daily Utah Chronicle)
November 22, 2020

  Google “Treehuggers” — a word commonly used in reference to members of the environmental movement — and you’ll find image after image of a, most-likely white, man hugging a tree. Unfortunately,...

Saifee: We Need More Women in the Environmental Movement

(Courtesy of Pixabay)
November 14, 2020

  I am a junior in college studying the effects of climate change on our world. I must admit my major is sad. The reality is that humans have severely altered the earth, which has resulted in the...

Saifee: The Physical and Mental Burden of COVID-19 and Climate Change

Freshman, Michael Manhard takes a break from online classes in a common area at the University of Utah on October 10th 2020. (Photo by Gwen Christopherson | The Daily Utah Chronicle)
November 9, 2020

  This year has been hard. I feel stressed all the time. College, work, COVID-19 and the worsening impact of climate change have been taxing on my mental and physical health. How in this mess of...

McGrath: Plastic Straws Aren’t Killing Us, Corporations Are

(Design by David Onwukeme | The Daily Utah Chronicle)
November 2, 2020

  We’ve all heard or used the term gaslighting — it is “a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more, makes a victim question their reality and own sanity.” You might think...

Saifee: Cast Aside Individualism for a Better Tomorrow

Students at the University of Utah are following the COVID-19 guidelines by wearing masks while working on campus (Photo by Abu Asib | The Daily Utah Chronicle)
November 2, 2020

  We are now beginning the eleventh month of this hellish year. And unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Utah's COVID-19 cases are increasing at alarming rates. Just this past...

Soter: Utah Needs Joe Biden in the White House

A Biden campaign sign in a Salt Lake City resident's lawn (Photo by Maya Fraser | The Daily Utah Chronicle)
November 2, 2020

  For months now, journalists at the Daily Utah Chronicle and around the nation have been working tirelessly to provide you, the public, with the information you need to vote confidently, compassionately...

Cushman: Shireen Ghorbani for Salt Lake County Council

Shireen Ghorbani, a candidate for SL County mayor. (Courtesy of Shireen Ghorbani)
October 28, 2020

  Shireen Ghorbani currently serves on the Salt Lake County Council as a member at large, representing every constituent in the county. Before taking on her role as a council member, Ghorbani ran...

Letter: Want a Future with Carbon-Free Energy? Look to Nuclear.

(Courtesy Pixabay)
October 18, 2020

  We, the American Nuclear Society Student Chapters here in the Western United States, are engaged in researching advanced power generation, seeking meaningful employment for students and learning...

Kincart: Vote Biden to Combat Climate Change

(Courtesy of Pixabay)
October 14, 2020

  At the first presidential debate, Democratic presidential nominee and former vice president, Joe Biden, made it clear that he did not support the Green New Deal. He said, “I don’t support...

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