Bloom, Album: Photosynthesis


5 Stars

Year: 2011  Genre: Pop Rock

– Ryan Meeks-
Band Info: Boom is a local Utah band made up of four wonderfully awesome people. Walter Allred  (Bassist), Joshua Voiles (Guitars), Mari Voiles (Drums), and Jeremy Finlay (Vocals and Keys). Bloom tends to see themselves not only as a band but an image of growth and optimism that is well reflected through their songs.
Blooms album “Photosynthesis” is well put together and of the buy and just press play type. There really isn’t a bad song on here much like any collective soul and/or Beatles album. In my humble opinion the songs which are most likely to catch your ear are Photosynthesis, How Dare You and Fight for Greatness. The song which sets them apart from other pop rock groups and, coincidentally, I would consider it to be my favorite is Fight for Greatness.
This song really shows the talent contained within this quartet. With progressive rock influenced guitar solos, a smooth bass line, sophisticated drums, beautiful piano and the unwavering vocals of Jeremy Finlay; I would have to say that this song has something for everyone. Unlike most Pop Rock songs, within the context of the lyrics of this song you can find a deep meaning which touches the very core of what it means to be human. Which brings me to why I gave this album a 5 star rating.
Unbelievably this album was put together by four ordinary musicians like you and me, yet it is comparable to the best Pop Rock albums in existence today. Which I guess that makes them extraordinary now that I think about it. The Album also deserves a 5 star rating because it is cohesive, which is a rare find in todays music industry.
Check them out on Spotify and their own Bloom Channel on YouTube