B-Rax on the Trax – Attack of the NFL Lawn Gnome, Scooter Thong man’s encounter with police; Idol Fans stab each other

Virgin fund-raisers? Sounds like porn to us The biblical aftermath of the recent Indian Ocean tsunami has, for once, broken our nation’s deadpan stare on the American pop culture parade. Benefits, food drives and bake sales have swept the nation, and even multimedia jabberwocky, Virgin, is doing its part.

lawn gnome
We welcome our new radio talent, Emily or E-Lizzle, she hasn’t quite gotten her radio name just yet, so get on our facebook page B-Rax on the Trax to tell us what her name should be.  We will be polling for what it is.  E-Lizzle will be on the show for the summer.  The best part? She LOVES amazing rock like the rest of us here on B-Rax.  Plus she has a knack for delivering the “Stupid people in the News” segment.
Speaking of which, Oh Boy do we have a great line up of stupid people in this segment.  Download and right about half way through the show we deliver the stories to you.  All with the help of Don Henley’s Dirty Laundry.
First a man riding free… litterally… armed with only his zebra print cape and thong he mans his scooter through the town “Happening by” an elementary school.  which lands him in some trouble.
Thong cape
Check out just how a Grandma outsmarts 3 thieves landing them in some big trouble.
A woman fails to decipher real life from the movie “Waiting”, attacking her Neighbor with a Gnome (pictured above) and many other things.  picking up even more charges with what she did next!
And Hold your horses when telling someone who you think should be the “Winner” on American Idol. a couple ends an argument of who should win ‘Idol’, by stabbing one another!  There is a lesson in this… although I’m not quite sure what it is.  maybe don’t get drunk while watching Idol.  Hmmm we may never know.
Here is our great line up for the show!

 Here is LIVE FOOTAGE of our Thong’ed Crusader