B-Rax on the Trax The Thunder Down Under!


Another great day on the show.  EM exposes B-Rax for looking at the “Thunder Down Under” Bilboard in Las Vegas and “Down Under” by Men at Work was then played in honor of the down under country.  I have always though that the lyrics were “I said to the man are you trying to tempt me? Because I come from the land of Dundee.  Em has corrected my mistake informing me that it is “Because I come from the land of Plenty”   EM Takes the Wheel at the radio station for a few songs jumping up in rank!  Listen in for all of the crazy jokes and little insights here at B-Rax also follow us on facebook

As for Stupid People in the News we have a real live Cat Burglar


A stabbing over the most expensive meal around (Mac and Cheese AND Beer….) Listen in for this story.


A man wishing to be Banished from British Columbia for stealing $50 worth of Cheese

And to top it all off a Doctor putting on a high speed chase for cops armed with a Machete, .38 pistol, underwear and a bath robe.  You’ll never believe how he surrenders.

Shakin’  –  Eddie Money
Tiny Dancer  –   Elton John
What You Want  –  Evanescence
Adult Education  –  Hall & Oates
Who’s Crying Now  –  Journey
The Heart Of Rock & Roll  –  Huey Lewis & The News
Stupid People in the News!
Back in Black  –  AC/DC
2 Minutes to Midnight  –  Iron Maiden
Desert Plains  –  Judas Priest
Does A Fool Ever Learn  –  Helix
A Tout Le Monde  –  Megadeth
Fight Fire With Fire  –  Kansas
Immigrant Song  –  Led Zeppelin
Faint  –  Linkin Park
Free Fallin’  –  Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Down Under  –   Men at Work
Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)  –  Mötley Crüe
I’m on Fire  –  Bruce Springsteen
Hotel California  –  The Eagles

I still cannot believe how far we have come in music videos!  check out the Down Under music video if you want a good laugh