Black Sabbath 13

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4 Stars

-Braxton Dutson-

Since their their last release with Ozzy Osbourne in 1978 Never Say Die, Black Sabbath comes in strong with their 19th studio album.  The album sold more than 155,000 copies in its first week, and was Black Sabbaths first album to gain the #1 spot in the US13 starts out with “End of the Beginning,” a song that seems to reach into the realms of Black Sabbath’s earlier years with a sound similar to “War Pigs.”  Tapping into Osbourne’s newer studio creations from albums such as Scream and Black Rain; “God is Dead?” shows even more influence from these newer albums.

           I really enjoyed hearing these two styles merge.  The songs on this album were slower than I imagined they would be.  Ozzy has been known for his faster, upbeat songs in such classics as “Bark at the Moon” and “Crazy Train.”  Black Sabbath has sped up the tempo over the years, but it still seems that Sabbath’ slower beats had more of the influence in this album (which makes sense because they are the ones playing the instruments).

“Methademic” is one of their faster songs, it has a really catchy guitar riff going in the background, and Ozzy sings about meth (not too surprising). It is a really catchy tune.  My favorites on this CD are “Peace of Mind” and “Pariah.” They are must hears.  All in all I wish that they would have put some faster tracks into the new album but ultimately they are represented as Black Sabbath, and Black Sabbath has a slower roll which, may I add, is a dang good roll.  The last song on the album is a live song titled “Dirty Woman” which goes to show that these guys sound just as good live as they do in the studio.  I have been really impressed with the sound they came out with; even after years of being separated, they’ve still got it!  If you are an Ozzy or Black Sabbath fan of any kind this album is worth listening to.