Kay-D, Relaunch Track: Natural Touches



5 Stars


Release Date: 07/15/2013
Genre: Progressive House
Artist Info: Kay-D is a Hungarian producer who is a major contributor to the atmospheric prog house scene. Relaunch is German DJ whose sound is a mix of pounding tech beats with the airy touch of dark progressive sound.
Andrew Andreasen-
The prolific producer Relaunch, with his unique, thick bass kicks and mystical synth pad loops puts his mark on yet another Kay-D original, yielding a beautiful combination the commands power with a deep and cosmic grasp. His remix of “Natural Touches” by Kay-D takes the listener on an intensive journey through the mind, exploring the light and airy emotions one holds through a damp and black avenue. Relaunch’s contribution to Kay-D’s elevating and ethereal original results in a five start rating, due to dynamic approaches in appealing to both feel-good and tribal emotions with mind and body stimulation.
Off the get-go, the substantive and dry kick starts things off with a mystic string line in the background. Upon addition of the thick bass kick with a subsequent filter build up, the driving, tribal bass modulation is introduced that ensures a nice rhythm throughout. After introduction, the energy bursts into the track with a prominent snare line perforated, by sounds of reverbed water pipes, vocals sweeps, and a novel “bwo, wo, um” noise. Further in the development, a fast synth note chord progression slides in, gathering energy and anticipation for the relieving drop ahead. The release focuses on the stringed line from conception, adding moderate modulations and filter sweeps to re-gather the tension and throw it back into the drop. The track continues its movements in a similar fashion, tried and true to the tribal and techy sound Relaunch expresses.
The outro is a lovely revisit of string line, whose presence is maintained while the rest of the track decays in a graceful fade, accompanied only by modulated synth wave resembling a bass guitar. The ending gives the listener a moment of complacence of what has occurred; it is a feeling one experiences during the walk from an after party to their car, as the cloudy skies above contrast with the gridded lights of skyscrapers and the yellow glow of streetlamps.