Silver Cup’s Debut EP is a Dreamy Reflection


Local band Silver Cup releases debut EP (Courtesy Brittany Barnes)

By Whit Fuller, Arts Writer


Local band Silver Cup has released their long-awaited, self-titled debut EP. Following the release of five other singles and three music videos, the band has gained substantial popularity — sporting over 300k streams on Spotify, with a strong presence on social media platforms Instagram and TikTok. The band is composed of the three Nelson siblings, including vocalists Hadley and Logan. The latter also serves as a producer alongside bassist Campbell.

From the release of their first single “Sabbath” in 2019, the band has embodied a unique perspective on what it means to grow up in Utah, as well as the challenges and benefits coming from being raised in the state as artists. Speaking on the band’s beginning, Hadley said, “We definitely grew up playing music and our family is all musically inclined. Logan has a lot of experience because he’s been ‘writing music since birth,’ that’s the way that I like to put it.” She continued, “Logan initiated it. He called us up — I was living in New York at the time and was like ‘Why haven’t we done this yet?’”  

“Silver Cup”

Their debut EP “Silver Cup” embodies the above themes, while drawing attention to the aspects that make growing up in Utah such a unique experience. “The EP is centered around growing up as artists in Utah. I think there’s a lot of artistic talent in this state, and for the most part, we either take advantage of it or we don’t,” Logan said.  

The EP definitely has few limitations when it comes to creativity. The sound is similar to Silver Cup’s early singles but still manages to take a refreshing twist on the band’s traditional sound. Each track features dreamy overtones accompanied by hypnotizing vocals from Hadley and dynamic interjections from Logan. 


The EP opens with the band’s popular single “Donny & Marie,” a reference to local celebrities siblings Donny and Marie Osmund. The track also carries references to being from Utah that aren’t overtly stated in the song but may be spotted by fellow Utahns. 

The following track, “I’m Fine,” is a melancholic and simultaneously upbeat song that leads into the direct center of the EP — “Spiral Jetty.”

“Spiral Jetty” centers on what it means to be from Utah and what Silver Cup strives to do with the majority of their music. The song embodies the experiences of someone who both loves and hates Utah. “’Spiral Jetty’ is specifically about Utah and how we try to appreciate its positivity,” Hadley said. 

The final two songs are intimate reflections. “Are You Scared to Die” is about childhood, growing up and death. The final track, “Showreel,” culminates in an optimistic view for the future that arguably extends to the future of the band itself. 


With their debut EP, Silver Cup delivers an honest and wonderfully creative view of their own artistic experiences, encompassing both the positive and negative aspects of growing up in Utah. They maintain their unique dream-pop sound and add to it with deeply affective lyrics, embodying the emotions many experience while growing up here in Utah. 


4/5 stars 


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