Alexander: How Dare the American People Steal This Election From Trump?


President Donald Trump (Courtesy Flickr)

By CJ Alexander, Opinion Writer


According to every reputable and trustworthy news source, this November’s hotly contested presidential election had a clear winner. They say it was Joe Biden, but according to our president, Donald Trump won the election. In fact, our fearless leader even says that the election he won was stolen from him.

Now, you have to understand, Trump has been through a lot. Some say he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but I say that his life has been harder than most. He has faced injustice after injustice — being denied four more years in the world’s most powerful office is just one more for the list. He has faced numerous sexual assault allegations, betrayals from previous officials, accusations of scams and racism, an impeachment scandal, incompetence within his administration and the ever-lying “fake news.”

And yes, if he was anyone else applying for any other job, Trump would never be able to keep his position. But since when do we not believe in second chances? Why not give people in power multiple opportunities to clean up their screw-ups? For those of us who wonder what the future could’ve held, it’s quite disappointing that the American people wrongfully denied Trump a second term.


All of Trump’s Wins

Trump’s achievements have been nothing short of unbelievable. Like a true prodigy, Trump built our strong economy — because it’s well known that January 20, 2017 marked the beginning of modern civilization. Goodbye bartering, hello eleven million unemployed! Trump was also the first president to befriend authoritarians like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin — a feat no other president in their right mind has attempted. Trump handled the Democrats’ coronavirus hoax with utter grace and fast action and everyone is doing great because of it — aside from those 240,000nobodies.”

The Do-Nothing Democrats impeached Trump for his most perfect and nice calls begging the Ukrainian president to dig up some dirt on his political rival. While facing multiple lawsuits, accusations and claims of wrongdoing, our president triumphed and continued to serve our perfect, beautiful country. Despite all the amazing things Trump has done for us, the Democrats have stolen the election by encouraging people to vote by mail during the pandemic — a safe and legal method that everyone from union soldiers to Trump himself has used.


A “Stolen” Election

Trump is defending his position as president. Some people say that Trump’s unwillingness to concede and grant a peaceful transition of power is fascist and dictator-like, but I say that it shows us how much he cares. And look, Trump’s claims of a rigged election and voter fraud are nothing new. Throughout his entire presidency, Trump has made similar claims about his victory against Hillary Clinton, as she won the popular vote in 2016. But defaulting to the same excuses isn’t being a sore loser. It demonstrates his strengths. And in utilizing his strengths, Trump has shown us that there are no limits for what he will do or say to keep the election under his control.

Do the so-called “fact-checkers” dispute every one of Trump’s election-rigging claims? Yes. But us patriots know that we can’t trust the press, because our president says so. Trump needs us to support him, blindly if need be. And yes, calling the presidency results before they are in, asking to stop the count and undermining the voting process may be a bit irresponsible. But what other reason could there have been other than the radical left stealing this election? We all know that democracy is when his side wins and the other loses, so something has to have gone wrong.


Trump Has All the Power

So what if there has never been a modern presidential candidate who refused to concede to election results? The point is that Trump is making history. We cannot blame Trump for lashing out when he loses, because it’s unfair of us to expect the president to act, well, presidential. As president of the United States, Trump cannot be deemed irresponsible or reckless — because he should be exempt from the law and lowly customs of us normal folk. Burdened with immense responsibilities such as diplomacy, inciting peace among the public and leading with facts, Trump’s reaction to losing the election is understandable and predictable — his power shouldn’t be diminished because of some lousy process written in the Constitution.

The presidency was Trump’s chance at redemption after a life some may deem an HR nightmare. While he failed to redeem himself with his first term, I think we all knew that the second term was when he would bring it home. Trump’s presidency was historic and life-changing for many. Seeing an incredibly childish, misunderstood and dysfunctional person working in the Oval Office gave hope to many complete idiots that they too could achieve greatness. With his great legacy, President Donald Trump has shown the country that anyone — truly anyone — can be whatever they want when they grow up.


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