Artist Nicole Gaitan Takes Over Pando Fine Art Gallery


“Angeles Rojos” by artist Nicole Gaitan (Courtesy Nicole Gaitan)

By Avery Greig, Arts Editor


Artist Nicole Gaitan spills excitement over permanent residency in Park City’s Pando Fine Art Gallery and discusses finding her self-taught, artistic individuality.

Ketchup to Canvas

“Since I was little, I was always interested in art,” said California born, Jackson Hole-based artist Gaitan. Akin to many of the coveted masters, Gaitan is a self-taught artist. “I really had to train myself … my style was always drawing. I didn’t know how to translate that to painting, so I had to find a way to take my love for drawing to the painting world if I wanted to be taken seriously as an artist.”

The exploration into the contemporary painting realm led Gaitan to undertake subversive techniques, developing her distinctive visual style through the use of condiment bottles filled with a water-paint mixture. “I finally found this way that allowed me to draw out my subjects in a way that made it look more like fine art … it allowed me to be myself.” The technique took on a whole new meaning when Gaitan posted a video on her artist website of her painting with barbeque sauce using the same condiment vessel. Filmed at a friend’s barbecue restaurant in Jackson Hole, the video gives fanatics and critics alike an insight into Giatan’s artistic method. “Just experimenting all the time is how you teach yourself.” 

Park City Scene

In terms of stylistic harmony, Gaitan’s work in Park City is a perfect fit. The many galleries that freckle Park City’s famous Main Street are full of contemporary animal art, creating the perfect environment for Gaitan’s niche. “I have like a sickness for animals, I always have,” Gaitan said. “I think they have a lot of healing energy. Just being able to paint them brings me happiness.” Gaitan’s skill for abstract animal painting does not stop with her gallery work, as the artist also makes commissioned pet portraits.

“Becoming a gallery artist is a difficult thing to do,” Gaitan said. The artist recalls years of refusal from galleries, yet persisting before being supported in Park City. “Four out of the five pieces I sent down sold in two days. It’s been a loving relationship ever since.” Pando Fine Art Gallery has also provided Gaitan with the opportunity to show her truest work, including her bright colors and signature mammoth dimensions. “That’s why I love Pando, they give me that whole gallery space almost all to myself. It allows me to express myself fully.”

Works On Display

Gaitan’s artistry is immediately recognizable. Her grand scale, vibrant color palette and abstract ketchup-bottle outlines are effervescent, and Utahns are lucky to have her repository in their back pocket at permanent access. Her blow-dryer-esque outline technique filled with blended hues creates a fluidity that gives her subjects an entirely new life.

You can find Gaitan’s signature repertoire at Pando Fine Art today. “I feel like those pieces are some of the best work I’ve done ever,” said Gaitan. Whether you are on the hunt for Park City paintings or some western wildlife, drop by Pando Fine Art Gallery to view work from the artist behind the barbecue sauce.


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