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Performing Arts

Lana Del Rey at Coachella. (Courtesy of Wikemedia Commons via Justin Higuchi from Los Angeles, CA, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 )

Coachella 2024: The Stars of the Show

By Mikaela Ponce, Arts Writer April 26, 2024

  The 2024 Coachella headliners put on a show that highlighted each of their music, talents and passions in the most beautiful way. Lana Del Rey — A Tribute to her Career Lana Del Rey surprised...

Coachella (archive photo)

Coachella 2024: A Rundown of the Major Music Moments

By Mikaela Ponce, Arts Writer April 25, 2024

  Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival took place in Indio, CA over the past two weekends — April 12-14 and 19-21. For all those who had to miss it due to finals, here's a rundown of all...

David Kushner performs at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City on April 19, 2024. (Photo by Madeline Van Wagenen | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

2024 Grand Kerfuffle Recap: David Kushner is Mr. (Un)Forgettable

By Jordan Thornblad, Arts Writer April 23, 2024

  The night began as a slow burn. The gates were opened and University of Utah students flooded into the free concert, gathering glow sticks and wristbands on their way. The students piled onto...

(School of Dance presents Alchemy photo courtesy logo courtesy School of dance design courtesy Haley Freeman)

Celebrating 75 Years: The School of Dance Presents ‘Alchemy’

By Haley Freeman, Arts Writer April 22, 2024

  Celebrating the College of Fine Arts’ 75th year at the University of Utah, the School of Dance presents “Alchemy” at Kingsbury Hall on April 19 and 20. “Alchemy” is a three-piece program...

Margaret Steele as Alice (Photo curtesy of Robert Breault)

Two Weeks Behind the Scenes of ‘A.L.I.C.E.’

By Josi Hinds, News Editor April 21, 2024

  When I first walked into the Vocal Arts Center, a small building on the corner of 100 South and University Street, I was immediately greeted by a buzzing energy. To the right of me, in the building’s...

(Courtesy of Flickr via Wally Gobetz)

Are the Costs of Live Theater Worth It?

By Haley Freeman, Arts Writer April 16, 2024

  Attending a Broadway show is a costly affair for the audience member, but what about the costs of running the show? With rising production costs, theater payments and other fees, putting on a...

(Photo via the Daily Utah Chronicle Archive)

School of Music Offers Its First Sensory-Friendly Performance

By Josi Hinds, News Editor April 12, 2024

  The University of Utah’s School of Music will have its first-ever sensory-friendly performance Saturday, with U Opera’s matinee showing of “A.L.I.C.E.” “This performance is for children...

Seth Andrew Bridges, Jeff Talbott, and William Connell (Courtesy of BW Productions)

‘The Lehman Trilogy’ is a Must See for Storytelling and Talent

By Josi Hinds, News Editor April 1, 2024

  The Einer Nielson Field House’s newly completed theater, the Meldrum Theater, opened its doors for the first time last Saturday for the Pioneer Theatre Company’s Utah debut of “The Lehman...

(Outro promo via School of Dance website

An Outro from the Modern Dance Seniors

By Haley Freeman, Arts Writer March 31, 2024

  We have reached the final stretch of the school year, and for seniors it’s the last weeks of college until the next adventure begins.  A Colorful Farewell The University of Utah School of...

LookOutOver1 - Pin Lim, Forest Photography University of Houston 2022

Educational Entertainment in ‘Ocean Filibuster’

By Josi Hinds, News Editor March 26, 2024

  In the face of a rapidly changing climate, an ever-growing pollution problem and an uncertain future amongst it all, where do humans stand? PearlDamour’s production “Ocean Filibuster” is...