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Evening on University of Utah campus, Thursday in Salt Lake City.

Soter: BYU Did What the U Cannot

By Theadora Soter, Multimedia Managing Editor August 23, 2021

  The University of Utah and Brigham Young University are preparing for the coming school year. Yet, the Fall 2022 semester brings one shocking difference between the notorious rivals: BYU will...

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Letter: Mask Up for Your Friends

By Anna Meredith-Edman August 23, 2021

  Fellow students,  In May 2021, the Utah State Legislature passed HB 1007 prohibiting the University of Utah, among other public schools in the state, from mandating masks on campus. When...

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Hibben: The Cost of the Olympics

By Aya Hibben, Opinion Writer August 12, 2021

  When the International Olympic Committee (IOC) selected Tokyo, Japan to host the 2020 Olympics in 2013, expectations were high as to what the country would bring to their second hosting of the...

(Graphic by Sydney Stam | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Alexander & Brown: The U Must Plan Better For Future Crises

By CJ Alexander and Jackson Brown July 1, 2021

  We’ve heard a lot about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on students, ranging from academic hardships to negative health effects and the decline of social interaction. But university...

(Photo Illustration by Sydney Stam | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Hibben: Here’s Why We Have Trust Issues with the CDC

By Aya Hibben, Opinion Writer June 22, 2021

  Only 52% of Americans have a great deal of trust in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Americans still support the nation’s medical system along with physicians and nurses, but...

Ashton and Jordan Peterson enjoying the water at Hot Springs Pool in Saratoga Springs, UT on May 29, 2021. (Photo by Silvana Peterson | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Kincart: Take a Break This Summer

By Sydney Kincart, Print Chief, Opinion Writer May 12, 2021

  We finally made it through one of the most difficult school years to date. We endured mental, physical, emotional and financial hardships as we pursued education during the pandemic. We managed...

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Hibben: The US is Morally Obligated to Share Its Excess Vaccines

By Aya Hibben, Opinion Writer May 11, 2021

  Over 3 million people worldwide have died from COVID-19 as of the writing of this article. The United States has vaccinated close to half of the population. But even after the entire population...

(Photo by Andrew Seaman | Courtesy Unsplash)

Soter: Evangelical Vaccine Hesitancy Must End

By Theadora Soter, Multimedia Managing Editor April 28, 2021

  Last summer, I wrote a piece about the ironic correlation between the pro-life and anti-mask movements. It was a poignant oxymoron. Here was a right-leaning (therefore inherently Christian) group...

A tourist wears a protective mask at Biffi Restaurant in Galleria Vittorio, Milan, amid coronavirus fears. (Photo by Valeria Ferraro | Courtesy Getty Images)

Alexander: Let’s Keep Mask Mandates — at Least in Restaurants

By CJ Alexander, Special Projects Managing Editor April 21, 2021

  Utah lifted the statewide mask mandate on April 10, and as a server at an Ogden restaurant, I am less than thrilled. For one, I’m not vaccinated yet, and neither are the majority of my coworkers....

Art in downtown Salt Lake City. (Photo by Tom Denton | Daily Utah

Weglinski: Supporting Local Bands through the Pandemic

By Sonia Weglinski, Opinion Writer April 15, 2021

  My first concert ever was at Kilby Court. I was new to the local music scene, but that single experience fueled my already huge love for music. Kilby Court is a small, garage style venue located...