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Garrett Cowie is the general manager at the asian-fusion restaurant, Ginger Street, located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Feb. 28, 2021. (Photo by Jack Gambassi | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Garrett Cowie: The Man Behind, In Front, and Around the Kitchen Counter

By Jack O'Leary, News Writer March 20, 2021

  Sitting on the corner of 300 S. and Main Street, Ginger Street SLC is not hard to miss with its bright pink neon sign. Ginger Street is a restaurant that specializes in “southeast Asian hawker-style...

Protesters listen to speakers at the Utah State capitol on March 19, 2020 in Salt Lake City as part of the global climate strike. (Photo by Natalie Colby | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Youth Activists in Utah Join Global Climate Strike

By Natalie Colby, Kayleigh Silverstein, and Porshai Nielsen March 19, 2021

  On the steps of the Utah State Capitol, protesters from the Utah chapter of Fridays for Future took turns riding three stationary bikes to power the sound system used by the speakers.  Through...

The Black Rock Desert volcanic field in Millard County, Utah, 1996. (Photo by Lee Siebert | Smithsonian Institution)

U Researchers Discuss Discovery of Central Utah’s Active Volcanoes

By Malinka Kaluarachchi, News Writer March 18, 2021

  Many people might think of Mount Saint Helens in Washington or Mount Vesuvius in Italy, but volcanoes have existed in Utah for millions of years. In Millard County, Utah, there is an area called...

The Legacy Bridge at the University of Utah Campus. (Photo by Abu Asib | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Successful Giving Day Fundraising Brings in Funds for 72 Campus Wide Projects

March 18, 2021

  It all started 6 months ago, with several committees and 72 campus-wide projects, all preparing for the intense 1,850-minute-long fundraising celebration. This was the U’s third annual Giving...

The block U on campus on Feb. 2, 2021. (Photo by Jack Gambassi | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Three First-Generation Students on Being 2021-2022 ASUU Elects

By Kayleigh Silverstein, News Writer March 16, 2021

  On Feb. 26, first-generation scholars Tiffany Chan, Gloria Aquino and Maryan Shale won their respective positions in the University of Utah's ASUU election. Chan, who is the vice president-elect...

Photo Courtesy of Jess Wojciechowski.

The Wojciechowski Ticket: ASUU’s First All Female Presidency 

By Porshai Nielson March 15, 2021

  The Wojciechowski ticket won the ASUU presidential election on Feb. 26, making them the first all-female ticket to win at the University of Utah. President-elect Jess Wojciechowski, Tiffany...

Department of Public Safety on Campus in Salt Lake City. (Photo by Maya Fraser | Daily Utah Chronicle)

Campus Safety Bill Heads to Governor’s Desk After Lengthy Legislative Process 

By Kayleigh Silverstein and Jack O'Leary March 14, 2021

    On March 5, SB163 campus safety amendments passed in the House with 50 in support and 24 opposed with plans for it to take effect on July 1, 2021. Written by co-founders of UnsafeU,...

A pride flag hangs from a house in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 21st 2020. This design of the pride flag includes Black, Brown and trans pride. (Photo by Gwen Christopherson | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

Queer at the Intersections: Pride Week Offers Events For All Students

By Brooke Williams, News Writer March 13, 2021

  The University of Utah's LGBT Resource Center invites students to celebrate transgender and queer lives from March 29 to April 3 for its annual Pride Week. The theme this year is Queer at the...

Students on campus (Photo by Tom Denton | The Daily Utah Chronicle).

Amber Ruffin Discusses Intersectionality at EDI’s Women’s Week Event

March 9, 2021

    On March 8, The University of Utah's Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion welcomed Amber Ruffin, the host of The Amber Ruffin show, as the Women’s Week keynote speaker via a...

The block U on campus on Feb. 2, 2021. (Photo by Jack Gambassi | The Daily Utah Chronicle)

5-Year Strategic Plan for University Safety Addresses Community Distrust

By Kayleigh Silverstein, News Writer March 5, 2021

  On Feb. 19, the Office of the Chief Safety Officer released their “5-year Strategic Plan for University Safety” which outlines standards and strategic goals for U Safety as their department...

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